I remember passing out. Then I was just awake in a cave-like setting.

It was wonderful warm earth brown. I didn't realise I'd passed over. It just felt natural, the most home I ever felt. There were 3 beings in crimson brown monk-like robes. Two were a male energy. I guess they were slightly elevated (??) but not floating. They were very tall lean beings. The third was leaning over me. I was lying down. I couldn't understand what they were saying but I felt they were almost debating what to do with me. I said I can't understand you and I picked up that one said, We aren't talking to you, more about you, so totally unoffended." I laughed and said, "Suits me, I'll just relish in all the glory of here" and it was then I realized how trivial we humans are and how we should treat our world in general so much better.

I was given the choice to stay or return. I suddenly remembered I had kids and I actually said, "f..., I can't, I've got children," and then boom sent back. On the way I was like "no no, let me stay a bit longer coz what an amazing place, feelings no words, truly exp but NO!" lol So I was very angry with the beings on return; not now, though, but the after-affects have been huge. Hard, hard times. I feel like an alien in a human suit on a planet that isn't my home.