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Australian man chokes and finds himself in another place

In late January 2021, my wife and I were watching a comedy on TV as we drank cups of tea. While in the midst of swallowing a mouthful, I burst out laughing at a particular remark which left me helplessly choking. My wife tried to assist me as I coughed and choked, fighting for breath. After perhaps two minutes of this distress, I suddenly found myself facing a light grey colour, like in a mist. Immediately I felt an immense euphoria - it was ecstasy - it was a bliss which continued until the end of my NDE.  (I thought later that if I experienced that bliss while in my earthly body, I would be immobile on the floor, looking at the ceiling).

I now had no awareness of my body or my choking, but was very aware that I retained my individuality. I was still 'me.' But I did feel different in that I felt lighter, 'more expanded,' and 'more knowledgeable,' though I did not know what knowledge this referred to. I also remember thinking that, compared to this new existence, our lives on earth are 'heavy,' like walking in treacle. 

Then the 'mist' cleared and I found myself in an immense plain which stretched as far as I could see. I didn't see anyone or any objects, but sensed that there were a lot of people on this plane who were engaged in many activities. I sensed that this was an interesting place but could gather no more information. I also felt that I was 'Home.' Without being told by anyone, I felt that I belonged here. 

Then I was aware of a Being / an intelligent Force who was looking at me from about 20 meters away. I felt this Being knew me and, to my surprise, was interested in me. Simultaneously, I was staggered by the power of this Being. I was in absolute awe because this power seemed to extend forever. I was in no way intimidated but was staggered by this power. I did not think of the word 'God' - it was a Force, an Intelligence which was accepting of me and had awe-inspiring, immense power. 

Then I immediately re-entered my body and was again aware of my choking, but gradually was able to clear my lungs. The entire NDE incident would have lasted no more than a minute but the effect remains with me six months later and I imagine my life will never be the same. I now have no fear or anxiety about death. For me death will be a doorway to ecstasy and Home.


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