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Young woman sees life forms from other places and demon-like creatures

I was in the C.C.U. (more critical than I.C.U.) with a rare form of pneumonia that wasn't responding to medications. My doctors had told my family it wasn't looking optimistic, so my family had started to come in to visit. 

Right before my experience, I recall lying in bed with the BiPAP machine over my face, concentrating on every breath, in and out. I was afraid to fall asleep because I didn't know if my breathing would stop. 

The next thing I knew, I was going up thru the ceiling of my room and traveling upward thru space. It was the black void I've, now, read about in numerous other accounts.  I had the thought that I should be afraid; yet, I wasn't. This reminded me of the Bible verse, "Yea, though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me."

My body was traveling upward and it felt like I was sitting in a position that one would be in if they were in a car seat, only I wasn't.  

Next, I saw all of the planets to the right of me and beautiful stars that looked like diamonds. 

The next part is something I've only recently been trying to figure out. I believe everything I was allowed to remember has a purpose and with that said, now is the time for me to understand this part. 

I was made aware that there was an invisible mass next to the planets, stars, etc. I knew this matter had weight, but I didn't know why I knew it was there. 

Almost instantly, I was arriving at a receiving station, where I was greeted by a female (after the NDE, I couldn't recall who this female was). She began to show me around in this level we were on. 

To the far left behind us, there was an enormous archway where I saw orbs of yellow light zipping in and out. As some of these orbs passed by me, I could hear them talking and I asked about this, and she explained they were souls. 

I should tell you, now, that once I came back, I began to get really sad because I wanted to be there again. I would pray and ask to please be allowed to experience it again while I was sleeping. 

After a while, I began to lose bits and pieces of what I saw. I believe it's because I wasn't dealing with the fact that I wouldn't be there again until the time when it would be permanent. It was as if all of the things were still in my subconscious, but I cannot pull them to the surface. Almost like a song you're trying to remember; all you need is that first verse for it to come flooding back. That's one of the reasons I read and watch so many NDE accounts, hoping something clicks and lets me take down the veil in my memory that is keeping it hidden. 

There are so many other things I am able to recall, so instead of trying to piece what happened in chronological order (which is very hard for me with my experience), I'll list them next. 

1) As I was traveling thru space, I saw different forms of life in other places. The most interesting was beings that you could automatically tell were good or bad just by looking at them. It was as if it was an extra sense I had, only it only pertained to these beings. I saw another place where they made homes inside trees. 

2) I knew there were different levels of heaven and I was where souls entered and exited. 

3) I saw a porthole (window) above me and I could see the eyes of who I believe was my dad. I knew he was above me on another level and we were unable to reunite at this time. 

4) The feeling of love was indescribable. I was consumed by it. It's like the amount of love we are able to experience within these mortal bodies can only hold a sliver of what we feel there. 

5) A feeling of everyone being connected and one with God and each other. 

6) I crossed a bridge made from a rainbow. I later heard about the "Rainbow Bridge" that animals are supposed to cross. This is important because after my experience, I became incredibly close to animals. Closer than I am to most humans in ways. I can't even kill insects now. 

7) I saw this beautiful building that was made of Mother-of-pearl. 

8) I was taken into a building where miracles were stored. There were all kinds of things here. Body parts that would be sent down for healings, etc.

9) There was an amber door with intricate details carved; however, this is all I can remember of it. 

10) I remember waking up suddenly with a burst of energy and couldn't put what had just happened into a realistic context. My mind was having trouble processing the experience. It was as if it was trying to tell me it was a dream, and yet I knew it was too real. 

11) After waking, I could see quick glimpses of what appeared to be demon-like creatures’ faces to the right of my bedside, yet I would blink and they'd be gone. I, also, saw an actual door on the ceiling above my bed, and when I blinked, it was gone, too. This all happened only in the first couple of minutes after I opened my eyes.


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