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Teenager has OOB after drug overdose (caution: profanity)

well to whoever is reading this there is no capping in this i was not religious at all i believed we all were going to get buried and that was the end to us I was wrong and here’s why so one day i was being an idiot and i slashed some of my neighbors tires and i got caught by the bitch ass police sorry for swearing  and he had to take me to shelter care but he forgot to search me for stuff and i had xans on me. And we all know it’s boring in shelter care so i took all the xans that day right and i went to sleep my friend jonathan which im still good buddies with will tell u he walked in to the room and i was foaming up and he said my eyes rolled to the back of my head so he went to go get help its good that he did otherwise i would be dead

but the next thing that happened was crazy i woke up in my body but it felt different i could see everything around me i seen the earth below me and thats when i was scared i was thinking like wtf im doing in space I LOOK DOWN IM NAKED bro got no clothes on i look around for some light like the sun but there was no sun just stars and then i seen a square light and started getting closer to it and as i got towards i felt like super happiness it felt better than pussie and drugs and i heard like light singing like all kinda very peaceful and then as im about to get into the light something wouldnt let me thru i was mad i tried to push thru and then i heard its not your time

i woke up in my body 3 days after i coded all handcuffed to the hospital bed i was mad when i woke up cuz i always wanted to die with no pain and i didnt feel no pain when i coded so when i got back to shelter care i asked if i could talk to my family cause they didnt let them see me in the hospital which pissed me off cause i could of died and i wanted to tell my sister what i saw so i ran away from shelter care and that is my near death experience and also i went to libertas treatment center and their asian priest guy said i seen the cube of drullisium which is the last few pages of the bible and the cube is known as heaven i would like to say to the people who are reading this is that nothing i said was a lie and thats on phonummmm ,also im leave u with a question what do u think is in the light?


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