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I snapped back into my life as a different version of myself

I slipped and fell face first into a large rock.

The moment I slipped I experienced this knowing that I was about to fall, but instead of trying to catch myself or react, I was overcome by this surrendering feeling of just letting it happen--it was this feeling of peace and extreme calm that is very hard to explain.

I remember my head/right eye hitting the rock in slow motion, but it didn't hurt at all. Then I remember the feeling of my physical body floating in water, but it was almost completely overcome with this feeling of peace and contentment. I remember my mind trying to get myself to move or come up for air, but I didn't want to. I felt completely overcome with peace, goodness, and neutrality--it's very hard to describe.

Then I just saw darkness and became completely detached from my physical body. It was almost like one second I was experiencing painless physical sensations of the water and floating and the next second I was hovering above our world. I wasn't far away from my body though. I was basically in the sky but a little bit lower, and I had no sense of having a physical body, but I somehow knew that I was still 'me'.

I'm not sure how long I was 'up there', because apparently I was only out of it for around 10 minutes, but I feel like I learned and experienced more than I can even properly explain while I was 'there'.

There was a tall man with me who looked like a normal man in some ways, but more like a hologram or a figure of just light. He was wise and a little stern, but in a loving way. He was walking me through all of these topics and giving me advice, though I honestly cannot remember all of what he said other than, "trust yourself, follow your heart and soul, listen to who you are, don't succumb to outside people or factors, just live out your life with your deep purpose and share your light with the world".There was so much that I 'knew and felt that he said' that my subconscious has to remember, but I can't properly explain it.

There was a tunnel that was infinite, but it wasn't dark. It was almost slightly transparent, like it was made of fog and light. I could see from afar the situation that my physical body was in and the whole city but I wasn't concerned about any of it. It was all just blurred or muffled out.

Then I 'came back into my body' when I was standing looking in a mirror at my unfamiliar looking bleeding face due to the accident. All of a sudden, I snapped back into my life as a different version of myself and went to the hospital.

I was in and out of consciousness until morning, which is when I realized how different I felt than before, in a good way. 


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