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Scary spirits plague woman who drowned at age 3

When I was 3 years old, I walked into a hotel pool and drowned.

My brother resuscitated me. I had little knowledge of this and in fact wasn’t told about it until my early 20’s. When I try to mindfully go back to this experience, I just feel a sense of deep peace.

All my life I had difficulties in school. I didn’t have the proper attention span for what they were teaching. I wanted to paint and do art. I was and still am incredibly intuitive. I can feel people’s thoughts and minds. It’s been very difficult at times to live with, especially not having people understand. When I have opened up, people have shut me down. My sensitivity to sound has been one of the hardest things to live with. I can hear electrical wiring, feel Wi-Fi, etc., etc. My sense of sound is like almost cranked extremely high.

I went to a catholic school and everything they taught didn’t make sense. I got into a lot of trouble for telling the other kids that Jesus was us.... and that his story was our story. That god was within us. That there was no difference between a Jesus or a Buddha. I got kicked out of class a lot with what I believed. There was no question, it’s really what I felt. 

We then moved into a house that was (later on I found, many years after moving out of that house, people said it was) haunted. I started to have traumatic experiences there with so-called spirits communicating with me. It seemed like a very negative hellish experience. Televisions shutting off and on, music, doors, telephones ringing, unplugged, etc. My friends began to ask me to ask the spirits to do things and they would. For example, to shut off a radio (simple things like this). If they tried, it would never work. I would have to be the commander of this. It scared me a lot. I was in constant terror to go to bed and sleep, even to live.

I was the only one that noticed these things with my family, until it really started getting out of hand and finally my parents started to believe me a little. But still they thought something was wrong with me and didn’t quite 100% believe me, until I made my dad actually sleep in my bedroom. I found him the next morning downstairs in the living room on the couch. He still to this day hasn’t explained fully what happened to him to have him leave my bedroom. My room was the worst.

Every so often, I had sleep paralysis and out of body experiences. The out of body experiences happened so often that I began to test what I was really seeing, memorizing certain objects, returning to body, and double checking to see if those objects were in fact there when I was in my physical body. And they always were! I remembered shapes, colors of things, little objects like pens and pencils on the ground, or a paper clip. The colors out of body seemed different, more dark, not the same as waking state. 

Then I had an experience at the age of 16 while camping. A bright light consumed me and lifted me up. I remembered looking at the time; it was 11:00 (something like this), and losing vast amounts of time within seconds of the experience, and waking up at 4 am back in my body. With no recollection of what had happened. Just rising into light; sleep paralysis at the beginning, not being able to scream or move, and then being consumed into this light. My entire teenage-hood was terrifying, to be honest. I had no one to speak to about these things, and I felt so lost. I fell into a very deep, dark depression. I started to drink heavily.

In 2008, I quit drinking and started to live life. I am pretty content now and living life, a little more at ease. I have completely shut myself off in such an energetic way so as to not experience these sorts of things so intensely.

From time to time I still experience almost like a spirit trying to enter my body at night. The last one was when I was in Maui just a few months ago. It was like a demon-like entity trying to get into my body. I couldn’t scream or move my body. I woke up eventually and began to pray for this being that he would find the light and love. I fell back to sleep peacefully.

I also experience many types of lucid dreaming. I’ve tried to take a new approach now if I do feel something energetically. I try not to give it too much attention but pray for these beings that they be shown the light. I am not sure why I have been exposed to these sorts of hellish entities. It’s been hard to deal with and I often wonder if my karma has made it out this way. An astrologer once told me because of my time of birth 11:11 and my date of birth November 25,1981, that my being is naturally more exposed and open to the spirit world. I still wish I had someone I could speak to that would help me overcome my fear of these energies. I still don’t know my life purpose and am grateful I have been shown your website from listening to a YouTube video. 


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