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Childhood NDE followed by precognitive dreams/visions and UFO/alien writings

When I was ten years old my family and I were heading towards Galveston for a day on the beach, yet close to mid-way there we had a major accident.

Another automobile had stopped in the middle of the road without any warning signs put out. When an ambulance arrived, I was unconscious and bleeding badly. My two front teeth were knocked completely out.

At the hospital, I was in a coma, in a room by myself, and they were saying my outcome was very slim. While I was in this coma, I remember a long tunnel-like hallway appearing with a very bright light glowing at the end. I was holding my right hand above my head, kind of over my eyes, because I couldn't look directly at that glowing light. Then out from nowhere, I heard a young lady's voice saying, "Andrew, I am your guardian angel and that is you down there." We were both looking at me, laying on the bed inside that hospital room. She continued to say, "We aren't ready for you yet. You can return if you'd like." I looked at her while smiling, and I told her, "I'd like to return." Instantly, I did return. The hospital staff were all amazed because I was recovering. Still to this day, I remember what I was dreaming while being in a coma.

That was over fifty years ago.

Then one dark and starry night when I was 17 years old, in 1973, I was outside laying back on the hood and front windshield of my car. For some unknown reason I was staring at the many stars. Out from nowhere I saw a bright white light travel straight for about four inches and stop. Then that bright object quickly moved straight upward for about two inches and stopped again. Next, that object moved backwards, opposite of it's first four inch movement, and stopped. Then, before quickly vanishing towards the right, that object moved at a 45 degree angle. After seeing that happen, I froze with amazement and was unable to move for a few minutes.

I don't know how to explain this, but after that happening, I can see things before they happen. One time that I cannot forget, I was sleeping and I had an unbelievable dream of a fire at a house in which someone died. At that house, there was a fire truck and two ambulances responding. The name of that street was John. When I woke up, I remembered that dream. At that particular time, I thought that dream was weird. Not long afterwards, during that same day, I was driving to my grandmother's house. Before crossing a main street, while stopped at a stop sign, I looked to my left and saw John Street. Appearing midway on that cul-de-sac, was a house on fire. A large fire truck and two ambulances were parked in front of that house. Immediately exiting that house's front door were the medics guiding a stretcher out with a body on the top. When I saw that, I froze, again. With an unbelievable look of "WOW" on my face, I couldn't stop from staring.

In the mid 1980s, something made me pick up a pen and some blank paper. I started to write down things about extra-terrestrials, which became story-like. Eventually, in time, something made me call and start talking to an exo-biologist at NASA's Johnson Space Center, near League City, outside of Houston, Texas. Continuously, for quite some time, over and over, several times a week, I was talking to him on the telephone about what I was writing, what was making me write about this subject, etc. Several times he asked me to come to his office. Then we can discuss those matters in person, while drinking coffee and eating some pastries, too. I kept on refusing, yet eventually I did go to discuss matters with him in person.

I parked outside of the Information/Admittance Building. I entered and told the lady behind the counter I was asked by a certain exo-biologist at the Johnson Space Center to come to his office so we can discuss matters further about my writings. She looked at me with a wonder. I told her the exo-biologist's name, his building and room number as well as his telephone number. She asked me to sit down and told me she will be right back. Minutes later, she asked me to follow her. She led me down a long hallway, about the length of a football field, to the very last room. Inside that room was an office desk with two chairs across from each other. About fifteen long minutes later, she returned with a large stack of papers and several pencils with unused erasers attached. She asked me to fill everything out within these papers and to leave nothing blank. Those papers were asking me everything (i.e., my name, age, present and many past addresses, about my education, where I was presently working, about my other jobs, who I want to visit/see, why, what was the reason of this visit and much more). That lady returned when I was finished to gather those completed papers. She told me she will be back. About thirty minutes later, she returned with several 5" by 7" cards and a small box with a lid. She asked me to fill out each card completely. While I was doing so, she opened the box which was an ink pad. On those cards, I gave my fingers and hand prints. After that, she told me she will return. About thirty minutes later, she appeared with a 9" by 14" box on a shoulder strap. When she opened the box, an instamatic camera appeared. I thought, all right, they are putting together a badge for me. When that lady and camera were ready, she took several front, right and left side facial photos of me, including pictures of the back side of my head. I had to put my full name, date and time of those pictures. When I finished, she told me she will be right back. About thirty minutes later, she returned empty handed. While standing in front of me, she said, Andrew, concerning those matters of your visit (to us), if they are discussed with anyone else, on the outside, you will not need to visit us. We will locate and find you. Again, we do thank you for visiting our office. Please follow me and I will lead you out. When we got to the entrance door, she opened the door for me to leave. She said: Thank you and have a nice day.

I could not believe what had happened. Never again, did I speak to that exo-biologist. To prevent them, at NASA's Johnson Space Center or the U.S. government, from needing to locate and find me due to my writings about unbelievable UFOs and their extra-terrestrials, I changed the book-like writings into a screenplay which a well-known and very busy feature film producer in Hollywood professionally re-wrote into a script titled "The Paradise Project." It is presently getting funded for production.

Still, to this day, I have dream-like-thoughts of things happening before they do.


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