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Saved by my beautiful tender soft wise cat

My NDE occurred in a bathtub.

Earlier that evening, I’d been out and about on my kickscooter. My kickscooter encountered a certain kind of pinecone under a very shady tree at night (it was the third night of presidential debates, 2016). I remember the exact moment I flew through the air and I remember my exact thought…and being intuitive, I knew that the painbody was attached to the person I was thinking of…and I landed on my knee.

Immense discomfort and I was 3+ miles away from my cat. (I was bringing a can of catfood in my bag for her.) Having been a personal fitness consultant and learned of the importance of keeping bones in alignment, I got up and used my scooter to get back to where my cat and I were staying. As I got closer to the house, the pain worsened.

The person who answered the door was the painbody-person I was thinking about. He yelled at me when I asked him to turn down the TV so I could explain to him what happened to me. (His dog would growl at him if I was snuggled up with the dog…maybe there was some envy there, now that I think of it.)

I went upstairs to my cat. I elevated my knee above my heart as she watched me and slept. She probably noticed my heavy breathing. I drank a lot of water.

I then began to think about how to go about sleeping as I was physically tired. I thought, “I know. I will sleep in the bathtub so if I have to use the toilet, the toilet will be close by or if I have to, I can pee in the tub!” Genius, right?

As I entered the adjoining bathroom, I felt a wave of nausea and felt like throwing up. Then I left the bathroom to “google” on my computer “nausea and shock”…and there it was. I was going through shock.

But instead of going back downstairs which seemed very far away due to the intense pain, I went back into the bathroom using my director’s chair as crutches. I lay down in the bathtub and elevated my knee.

And then it happened…The ceiling was coming closer and closer…How could this be?

My body felt arched and my heart was leading the way. All the sounds became muffled and I felt this intense meditative sense of peace and bliss. I realized I was dying. In a bathtub, of all places! How absurd!

...Yet so comforting, so simple, so…full and complete. I realized I wasn’t grasping for any Earthly thing…I wasn’t coming back for anyone or any possession.

And then, my beautiful, tender, soft, wise, 18-year-old (19-year-old now) cat entered the bathroom and sat right next to the bathtub.

I knew she could feel my spirit leaving the Earth-plane. (She too, once had an NDE and I saw the pain-entity leave her and then exit my body and then enter other less-than-happy humans/animals.)

Without giving it much thought (or maybe it was something like, “No one’s going to love you and give you as much space as you need, as I,” I “swam” backwards and down and went back inside my body.

(Mind you, I never looked down at my own body – that would’ve really scared me…my eyes open and all…laying in a bathtub, dead…)

She sat there waiting, silently.

I used my director’s chair to reach the bathroom door.

I noticed I was calm despite the returning pain. She was also calm – probably due to oneness. I told her, “Now, don’t be scared…I’m going to slam this door to wake everyone up to get us help.” She didn’t meow.

I slammed the door as hard as I could (I regularly lifted 50 pound weights and the walls are thin)…repeatedly. She didn’t move.

No one answered.

I think I began to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. I saw visions as I calmly took the director’s chair to get to the stairway.

I saw my grandfather. I also questioned the need to get medical help…but then I saw a vision of myself being wheeled out of the hospital in a wheelchair. I knew that if I fell asleep, I might just not wake up again. Further, I knew that if I stayed away that I’d heal quickly from whatever was going on with my knee. And weirdly enough, I also heard something about an ex-boyfriend…that this would be the last chance to get in contact with him about a relationship…it was also this ex-boyfriend who once told me, “you choose your own death.”

So I hobbled to the stairway using that director’s chair…and then used the banister to get down the stairs and then I saw that wonderful, darling, kickscooter at the bottom of the stairway. I wheeled across the living room floor to the phone.

I dialed 911. And then forgot the home phone number of where I was. I hung up on the operator.

I breathed a deep breath and dialed again. I needed to get their help because if I didn’t, I might fall asleep and just not wake up again. When they answered they said they had already gotten my number and sent an ambulance.

Sirens approached and I felt it was weird that the sirens were for me...self-reliant me. They rang the doorbell and it was only then that this pain-body person came out of the bedroom (mind you, he’s an insomniac). They tried to move me but my knee was so swollen that they could barely move me. It was only then when this pain-body person gave me any sort of validation.

To save money, I didn’t take the ambulance. As I waited for this pain-body person in the car, I sang songs to keep myself awake. I asked this person to bring me my wallet and this person brought me my envelope full of jewelry I was going to give to charity. At that moment, I realized, “this IS all a dream…my charity-giving IS my source of abundance and fulfillment…God is telling me this through this unconscious person.” As it turned out I already had my wallet.

We went to the hospital and they brought out a wheelchair for me. In the emergency room they took x-rays. This pain-body person and I now had a chance to talk. Long before that night, I was repeatedly yelled at because I’d bring up the subject of synchronicity. (We'd been polite around each other otherwise and conversations were kept short.) And now, he was telling me, yes, there had been a conversation about me around the time of the accident.

The emergency room doctor came in and told me, “You need to have surgery. Your patella/kneecap is broken.” I was like, “You’ve got to be kidding. I’ve never had a broken bone in my life!” He was serious. So I said, “I’ve been a fitness consultant for over 20 years and I’m a vegan.” (The vegan part seemed to impress everyone there, I don’t know why.)

I continued, “I learned from past clients that if there’s surgery that later calcification can develop and then that would require more surgery. Further, the muscle is healthy and I want to keep it that way. If the muscle’s healthy then the bone will be healthy. So I’d rather just do my own rehabilitation by modified strength-training and yoga.”

The doctor said, “Ok. I’ll give you the name of another doctor if you want to check it out with them and we’ll give you a prosthetic to help your leg feel better.” They brought in crutches and the prosthetic. The nurse told the painbody person to pay attention to how it was wrapped (and the painbody person didn’t pay attention)…ooooh, how my leg felt so much better tightly cocooned in that thing!

And then I got into a wheelchair and was wheeled out of the hospital (just as I’d envisioned). The nurse said, “You’re so lightweight…you’re making this job very easy for me.” I said, “Thank you for your help. What do you do besides being a nurse?” “Well, I just bought a house,” she replied. “Congratulations!” I said. “How about I pray for you and your house and you pray for my leg?” “You got a deal!” she said.


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