At my age almost five (Christmas 1951), my parents took me to Connellsville, PA to visit my paternal grandparents. 

I remember certain experiences in that visit very clearly.  I especially remember being taken to the railroad station. It was snowing, and I was wrapped up in the back of the car.  I have had an eidetic memory in school, college, and can still tell you where a certain phrase occurs on a page in a book.  My "memory" of life includes very clear visual imagery (like a movie in my mind) of my babyhood and throughout my lifetime.  I *see* and *hear* as if it is occurring now; this takes a second.  I cannot always control it.  So when we returned "home," I was sick (I have no actualy memory of the illness) with double pneumonia.  At that time, I believe there were few pediatric units in hospitals; doctors came to the house.  Later in my lifetime, I was told by a cardiologist (because my normal EKG has T Wave abnormalities) that I most likely had pericarditis, as well as double pneumonia.  The experience occurred while I was "asleep". Because I have had other "visions" and "experiences" in my "sleep" throughout my lifetime (and still have them), I know that it is not actual physical "sleep".  I do not know if my soul left my body, I only know what I *saw* and *heard*.

I was surrounded by "brown velvet", "brown fluid", can't describe it; it was almost "not there at all".  To my right, there was a Lady.  I saw her but cannot describe her.  There was a "light" coming from her, surrounding her; perhaps that "light" was herself.  It was like no "light" on earth; it was embracing.  She "spoke" to me.  I cannot remember what her "voice sounded like"; it was a feeling, not a sound.  The feeling was pure love, safety that does not exist in this flesh, pure acceptance, "mothering" and "forever".  She warned me about my life (remember, I was five).  She told me this life would be "catastrophic". (I was rasied at a time when the atom bomb was a big threat, so throughout my younger years I always thought this meant nuclear war.)  She gave me a number (the number "23").  She told me other things. I cannot remember them (although I think I might before my physical death).  I think she asked me if I was "willing" to live this lifetime.  She promised me God would "never leave" me. 

My earth mother (we discussed this many, many years later when I was in my very late 40s) shook me.  She looked down (according to her account) and thought I was dying.  I remember very vividly that moment.  I was torn from the Lady.  I remember saying, "Leave me alone.  I want to stay with the lady."  This was very unlike me at age five. I was very submissive to my parents.

So for my entire lifetime I anticipated a worldwide catastrophe, but it never happened.  And then, by my late 40s, the number "23" had proven to be extremely important in my lifetime.  At various times in my life, on the 23rd of various months, I experienced difficult, life changing, or painful things.  I have an entire list of these things but I never did keep a "calendar" until it became obvious to me what the number meant.  I got pregnant, at age 39, on July 23, 1986.  My daughter began to suffer from what she thought was spiritual assault, and what doctors said was mental illness, in her late teens, early 20s.  When she reached the age of "23", I KNEW why that number had been given to me.  I KNEW I was going to lose her.  On March 2 (3rd month, 2nd day) she left the house (she seemed fine, I let her go out).  She called me (I gave her my cell phone) at 3:02PM and 4:23PM.  A few minutes past 4:23 PM, I got up from the couch, I KNEW what had happened.  Her soul passed through me; I don't know how else to explain this to you.  I KNEW.  That number was given to me to protect my life; without it, and without the lifelong memory and loving reassurance of that apparition at my age five, I would not have survived my daughter's death.

Since then, I have continued to grow in spirit.  On October 23, 2011, I saw my daughter standing by my bed, whole, healed, glorious.  I have been psychic for my entire lifetime (have been tested also).  In the past year I have "found" a child (almost 17) on the Social Services site in my State; I have sent her packages since last September and am now legally cleared to meet her in person.  Her birthday is May 23.  There are no coincidences.  I could go on and tell you about interventions (angels? guides?) that have spared my life. I could tell you about "meeting angels" or some sort of "not really people" whom no one else saw (and no, I am not mentally ill).  I have had a spontaneous memory (at my age 20) of a previous incarnation (don't knoiw how valid that was).  I know this life is not the ultimate "place" and I know our loved ones remain with us (there is no time "there").