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I watched, not realising the body on the floor was mine

While holidaying in Bali with my boyfriend at the time, I recieved a call from a friend who had been to check on my dog.

She found the dog in the backyard in the middle of summer without a drop of water. My boyfriend's sister was meant to be feeding the dog and I told him I knew I couldn't rely on her to do it and I should have asked someone more reliable. He got angry and got me in a choke hold and laid me down flat on my back on the ground. While still in the hold he was kneeling over my head. I remember feeling light headed like I was going to black out and then it went dark. After what felt like a while in time I started to hear several rambling voices but they were getting more distant.

Then came the bright light. It was so bright my eyes had to adjust. When I could see, I was in the same place but it was a smoky hazy filled room and all bright colours were gone. It was all cool tones and I was taller than usual and standing at the feet end of my physical body, looking down at my body on the floor.

My physical body was frothing a large amount of white foam from my mouth and my body was seizing. I couldn't feel anything and was wondering why my boyfriend was so panicked. He was saying sorry, asking me to wake up. He picked my head in his arms and was slapping my cheek trying to get a response. He went to the door and screamed for help. A short Balinese lady entered the room and kept asking what happened but he couldn't respond. She went to the fridge and got a bottle of water and splashed my face with water. He started shaking me more.

While watching this I had no realisation that the body on the floor was mine. I started to float backwards and upwards on a diagonal and the voices were getting fainter the further I rose. I recall stopping at some point and in an instant I woke up back in my body on the floor and panicked. I ran to the door and fell down two flights of stairs and was carried to the foyer where staff assisted me. 


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