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My abusive boyfriend was strangling me. 

I felt his thumbs all the way to the back of my throat. I tried to pry his fingers off but he was sitting on me and I could not free myself. I seen my son jump on his back and being pushed off. So many emotions at one time, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't help my son and so angry that this fat creep just didn't leave. I remember saying, "GOD, he is killing me."  

All of the sudden I was pulled into or thrown into another space. I don't know which, it happened so fast. I felt myself walking into an area that looked like a theater but it was not a room it was just space. Not outer space just space. It was sort of dark but there was an illuminating light coming from somewhere. It was so peaceful and quiet. A quiet I never experienced before. I felt my body became part of a whole. I became one with my surrounding and became one with something I knew before. Like a drop of water becomes one with the ocean or the sea. I was aware of sensations I can't describe, everything is Life. I was aware that there is No Time everything exists together. That was Amazing!

I remember turning around and looking down, seeing my boyfriend sitting on top of me, strangling me. I didn't feel any emotion or attachment to my physical body.

I turned around and pictures the size of a movie screen started to pass in front of me like a flip book at first then faster like a movie in fast forward. It was my Life Review. I seen my past, present, and future. Even though the events moved very fast I could see each one, remember that moment and feel every emotion I had or caused someone to feel. I could slow down and speed up the review without stopping it. I never heard a voice or sound.

I remember saying mentally "my son", that is when I felt like I was either thrown or sucked into my physical body. I remember feeling his hands around my neck and opening my eyes. My boyfriend looked into my eyes and all of the sudden got off of me. He left and I broke off the relationship. For some reason I never felt any anger or other emotion towards him for nearly killing me. I have tried to remember my life review but I can't. There was a message in it for me.

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