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He would respect my decision either way

I decided to commit suicide.

I made a hangman's knot in a rope, tied it to a beam, and put the noose around my neck. I grabbed the beam and let go. The next thing I was in a light looking down at my dead body laying on the floor. The rope had broken, but the noose had tightened around my neck and I had suffocated to death. I looked up from my dead body and saw shadowy figures moving around in the backround.

A voice spoke to me (GOD). He said he would respect my decision either way. He said he wanted me to go back. He wanted me to fulfiull my destiny and he had plans for me. The curious person I am, I said I would go back. Besides the shadowy figures I saw, I never saw who was talking to me. I don't remember having a body and the communication was telepathic.

The noose was loosened around my neck and my soul was back in my body. Soon after that, I was found by others. I couldn't move, open my eyes, or say anything, but I could hear. I heard them say he's dead. Someone else said he pissed and crapped his pants. Then I heard someone say they felt a faint pulse. That was all I remembered and then woke up in the hospital a day or so later.


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