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Tainted water leads to unconditional love

Moved to a new city. There was a water advisory I was unaware of.

Thought I had a bladder infection so drank more water. Had very high fever with excruciating back pain. Awoke to see my tongue, feces were black. Went to doctor who prescribed me antibiotics that were too weak. It was getting worse. I went back to sleep. I was in too much pain but passed out anyway. All of a sudden I was floating in an upward trajectory towards a bright omnipresent light through a tunnel of sorts. The pain was completely gone and I felt lighter than air. The light was unconditional love unlike anything I have experienced here on Earth. On my left was a light-being speaking telepathically to me. He welcomed me and we had a bit of a discussion. I was given the option whether I wanted to stay or go back. I suddenly realized I was dead and I came back. I returned to the painful, heavy body I had just left. It was as if I had convulsed upon re-entry. It's taken me 28 years to fully integrate this experience into my life. 


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