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Euphoria way beyond crack cocaine

In July of 2015, I underwent a biopsy of my temporal artery under general anesthesia. I was not anxious about this procedure

as in 2013, I suffered from acute respiratory failure due to hemorrhaging of my right lung, which resulted in most of it being removed after being in an induced coma for five days. So, this procedure, in my mind, was minimal compared to that. 

As I came out of the anesthesia I felt as if I was literally yanked from a beautiful place. It is very frustrating for me that, as I came out of the anesthesia, my memories faded rapidly.  However, I do recall this place had beautiful colors I had never seen before, but the strongest component of this "experience" was how I felt.  It was a feeling of rapturous joy and love and even those words do not adequately describe it.  

As I came to I became increasingly agitated as the medical staff transported my bed to the recovery room. I felt for certain that they had "kidnapped" me from this beautiful place and I demanded they return me there immediately!  When I realized this was not going to occur, I became hysterical and began crying uncontrollably.  This was remedied by a good dose of Valium. I would think about this odd occurence from time to time, wishing I could get that "feeling" back again. 

I had heard of near death experiences, although only to the extent of the light at the end of the tunnel and meeting deceased loved ones.  Beyond that, I had never read an in-depth NDE account.

The following September, I purchased a book titled Opening Heaven's Door by Patricia Pearson. I did not choose this book because of my experience.  I believe it was Jayne Smith's story of her NDE that hit me like a ton of bricks.  Finally, I could identify with someone else.  This led me to read about other people who have had NDEs and although I still am frustrated that I cannot recall more of this experience, I have no doubt that I had seen AND felt a brief glimpse of heaven or the other side.

But I did not code during that biopsy, which puzzles me. Dr Jeffrey Long told me via email that I could have had a possible NDE as a "rare anesthesia experience," and I am fine with this.  

Being a sixty-one year old woman, I have had thousands of dreams.  Certainly many have been surreal and unsettling, and at times I have awoken where I felt happy, but I cannot discount this experience as a dream. I am also a many years recovering alcoholic and drug addict and one drug that is very addictive is cocaine, especially crack cocaine, as it gives the user an instantaneous blast of euphoria.  The feeling I had during my experience was much like that euphoria but magnified a thousand times without the negative post-effects of the drug (craving, depression and paranoia). I felt totally immersed in pure joy and love.

I felt at the time I regained consciousness from the anesthesia, and still do to this day, that many aspects of that experience were "left behind."  I cannot express how frustrating this is!  

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience.


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