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Healed at luminous white dome-shaped room

I was severely depressed at the time before my NDE. I had gotten into a car accident a year ago and suffered short term memory loss. My neck and back were also in a lot of pain and my left eye would twitch at times.

Family life was unbearable, dealing with school, mom's chronic illness, dad's neglect and gambling addiction, and brother's focus on himself. My sanity and patience started to dwindle.

Weeks before my NDE, I wasn't able to study for a college exam and was under extreme stress. My moods were up and down. The only way I knew how to cope with all the stresses in my life was through an eating disorder. I began to eat less and less and lost a lot of weight. My stomach was always in pain and I had no energy to do anything. I was very fatigued and hanging on by a thread.

I began to see many doctors: a cardiologist that diagnosed me with heart arrhythmia, a gastroenterologist that only diagnosed me with IBS, a psychologist that diagnosed me with depression, but all the medicines they gave seemed to make me feel worse.

As the days went by, my will to live began to fade. What's the point of living if I were to continue to suffer like this, haven't I been through enough?

The night of my NDE, my heart palpitations were getting worse, but I just brushed it off as another symptom. I had no appetite and my vision became blurry. I cried for a few hours and collapsed on my bed.

Laying on my bed, I asked in my head, "Why am I suffering so much? How is there a creator, a benign God that would allow all this to happen to me?" I closed my eyes with tears on my face, but when I started to fall asleep, I felt like my breathing was slowing down, and I began to gasp for air after asking that question.

What happened next was the strangest feeling. I saw myself, my soul, lift out of my navel/belly button. I was looking down at my own body and I was perplexed. I went, "What the heck? I can still exist out of my body?" My essence traveled through an umbilical cord/tunnel that was white and grayish with wave-like patterns. I was so distraught, I didn't know what to do.

Was I dying? My spirit was traveling super fast like the speed of light. On my way through this never-ending tunnel, I yelled at God to save me. I was so scared that I yelled out to Jesus/Buddha to help me. I was desperate because I didn't know where I was heading. I said I would miss my family and my two cats.

The tunnel then reached to this luminous white dome-shaped room that didn't blind my eyes. But before I could go further, my spirit quickly traveled back down the tunnel and fell back into my body. When I woke up I felt instantly refreshed. It almost felt like Earth is not really real and that this world is more like a dream than reality. I had a sense of peace and happiness greater than I ever felt in my life.

I also had healing from my anorexia. I had a lot more appetite and gained weight. I had more energy and was genuinely grateful and happy. Things that used to bother me did not bother me anymore. I also now sense energy and can see auras of people. Sometimes I can feel people suffering or know the thoughts in their heads, their anguish, regret, pain and guilt.

I also sense how animals suffer and have been vegetarian ever since. It didn't feel right to eat animal products knowing how much they suffer in the hands of humans, just for the sake of satisfying our taste buds.

I have more compassion and tolerance for everyone. I used to be judgmental and materialistic. Now I don't buy as much and like to help others more. I feel as if we are all ONE.

If I'm in pain, the other person absorbs my pain. If I'm love, the other person receives my love. I began to be more spiritual, praying and meditating more. I feel more connected to NDErs when they tell their stories because its like they have transformed like me and had an evolution of spirit in mortal body. I felt connected with source energy and felt God's protection and love for me.

Lately these renewed senses have gone back down to before I experienced my NDE. I wish to go back to that place. This world is full of suffering and I don't understand why we can't have this spiritual peace and happiness in this physical world all the time.

What I do know is that we should love each other and everyone's flaws. We are all here to learn, to make mistakes, to grow. We should serve humanity, be less selfish and self absorbed, and do more acts of kindness without asking anything in return.

"We are not these bodies, we are not our accomplishments nor our possessions, we are all one with the Source of all being which is God."


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