I had always felt that I would die in my thirties. I was 39 years old and was sick in bed with bronchitis. I left my body

through my crown chakra; though this was not my first out of body experience. I came to a place filled with a bright, beautiful light. I felt love and joy of a higher nature than anything on earth. Communication was not verbal, it was telepathic, but perfectly clear. I was told that my original "contract" was complete, but that I could choose to stay longer for more spiritual growth, if I wanted to. I agreed to stay longer.  So I came back to my body. 

I had been a spiritual seeker for more than a decade and previously believed in reincarnation. I had already grown a lot spritually. 

I didn't ask any questions; sometimes I wish I had asked, For how long must I live? Many times I have wished I had stayed and not come back. I long to return to this Grace and Peace. I have made spiritual progress over the years, and I feel more grace and peace in my life now than ever before. 

I have shared my experience with many people, but most of them do not get it or even believe it. 

Thank you for being there and doing the work that you do.