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Well The Nurses are Relieved!

I was having a CAT Scan related to some dizziness  I had during my first pregnancy. I had a new baby and was concerned that something might be wrong that would prevent me from taking care of my daughter. The nurses started an IV and began the infusion of dye. I had the strangest sensation and told the nurses that I felt "funny".

Immediately after that, everything went pitch black and I was floating in the blackness. The sensation was completely worry-free. All my worries were immediately gone and I was incredibly happy. I saw my daughter being taken care of and knew she would be fine without me. 

As suddenly as the experience started, it ended with my regaining consciousness and the nurses looking relieved.Since that time, I have not feared death. I have been very interested in NDEs and kind of wish I had seen more before coming back. I guess I just needed to know that everything really will be alright.


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