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The Light Felt Wonderful

I had cataracts removed from both eyes and in the months following the operations the glare from sunshine, from television, even from my computer screen was unbearable.  Eventually I decided to use the pain I was suffering as a symbolic statement indicating that I was unable to deal with The Light, so dropping down into a deep meditative state I began a visualization – a sort of waking dream –

I found myself in a huge cavern conversing with a dignified old man who seemed to be an Oracle, and seemed natural that I would find him there in the cave. He indicated that I should climb a ladder leaning against the cave wall, so I did as I was instructed.  As I poked my head through the top of the cave, I was blasted with the brightest light I had ever encountered. Initially I cringed in the fearful expectation of more pain but then slowly I realized that The Light felt wonderful.

At the same time as I was having this other-worldly experience, in this reality, the radio was playing in the kitchen and I could hear the screeching of a singer – a soprano.  Normally I dislike this type of singing, but in the state I was in, standing in the light, I simply loved the singer and understood the effort she was making to sing this aria.  Also in this reality I could hear the chatty lady from next door blabbing to a friend right outside my window and again, usually I am annoyed by her inane babble, but not this time. This time as I stood in the light I was overwhelmed by my love for her and her generous nature. These amazing feelings of love matched the brilliant light that surrounded me, and I realized that The Light, and Unconditional Love are the same energy, they simply vibrate at slightly different rates.

As I slowly returned to this reality I was ecstatic, and the wonder of what had physically happened to me has not left me – even now as I write I am excited. To understand that unconditional love means exactly that – UNCONDITIONAL – has helped me enormously. I know now that any judgement I make on any subject means I am placing a condition on it and on life itself. It is hard to remain so open for living in this reality is enormously demanding, but I am trying.  Thank you all.



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