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White Lotus Flower of Love

During childbirth I had Eclampsia, where I suffered seizures and 2 cardiac arrests. During the first seizure I became unconscious and my heart stopped twice. During this, I was looking down from the ceiling at the chaos unfolding: my dead lifeless body, doctors and nurses running around, attaching me to cardiac defibrillator trying in vain to restart my heart. I was completely calm; I wasn't scared.

I could not hear the chaos below me. Then something or someone told me "to go back". I turned to my left shoulder where the voice was coming from and all I could see was beautiful white light, telling me again to go back to my body!  I did not question who or what the voice and light were. I trusted it and I went back to my lifeless body. It was as if I already knew who it was! Then I woke up 3 weeks later after being in a coma!  After this experience I felt I was always looking for something, like something was missing. I felt a massive connection to the earth and to all of nature and the Indigenous Peoples/Guardians of prehistory. I began a journey of self discovery.

In 2011 I had what I later discovered was a Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening at 3am. I was lucid dreaming, where I was meditating, when I saw white smoke in the shape of a snake. I was frightened. It was chasing me around my bedroom trying to get into the base of my spine, then suddenly like before I heard 'The Voice' again telling me not to be frightened and for me to allow the snake to enter the base of my spine. Again I trusted 'The Voice' and let the snake in! It went dancing all the way up my spine in vibrant colours and when it reached the top of my spine, it burst through my head. It was a beautiful white lotus flower where the most amazing pure white light was just flooding upwards. It was the most amazing feeling of pure unconditional love I have ever experienced! There are no words to describe it!

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