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School Bus to Heaven

When I was a child, I was hit by a truck after getting off the school bus. I remember looking up at a crowd of people staring down at me in shock, and a paramedic ripping my jeans to see my right leg that was broken. A broken femur, 6 cracked ribs, punctured lungs and barely hanging on, what happened next is hard to put in words. I saw the ambulance drive off with my body on it!

My spirit was out and free and in no pain at all! I had a short but fast life review that I hardly remember except I knew what it was about and that it scared me that my life was about to end.

I was rushed to the hospital where I woke up in darkness that night. I couldn't speak or move as tubes were up my nose and down my throat, my leg in traction. I actually thought I was in hell. I was so terrified until a nurse cracked the door open spilling light into the room telling me I was in an accident and needed to go back to sleep and rest. The next day my family was surrounding my bed and a priest was kneeling beside me giving me the Last Rites and praying on The Rosary beads. I was instantly above my body looking down at myself! I was feeling bad about how awful I looked and how sad my family was until I noticed I was traveling fast towards the wall where the wooden cross of Jesus was hung. I went into a huge ball of white light that protected me and brought me to Heaven! I could see myself skipping, laughing, and holding a man's strong hand. I looked up and saw Jesus wearing a white flowing gown and sandals. He made me feel so loved, and I was so excited to go where He was taking me. He told me "it is not your time, you have to go back." I wanted to throw myself down and have a tantrum and cry in disbelief. I didn't want to leave Him.

Unfortunately, I ended back in the hospital above my damaged body again. Upset and not wanting to go back into my body I bounced around the room like a racquetball not wanting to hit the ground. I was fighting to not go back as hard as I could until "pop!" I was suctioned into my chest area with no choice but to surrender. Ever since my accident I have not felt the same and still long to return to Heaven.

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