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Grandma heard me!

I crashed my bicycle when several friends and I were playing follow the leader and we were jumping a manhole cover. I flipped over and landed on my head. I can remember leaving my body and seeing myself on the ground there was no pain but I felt panic because I didn't understand what was going on.

Instantly I went to the second story of my house and tried to get my Grandma's attention. It was odd because when I was at the window trying to get her attention she looked at me but it felt like she didn't see me. Then she went outside and saw me on the ground. It was almost as though she heard me outside the window! Once she saw me I instantly was back in my body. When we went to the hospital the doctors checked me out. I was young so I can't really describe what they checked but do remember the doctor telling me he couldn't believe that all I got was two black eyes and no brain damage.

Since then I see beings that visit me; I don't know if what happened to me is the reason, but the beings are beings of light and they tell me odd things. I try and hide from them but they appear out of nowhere. I try to ignore them. If I repeated the things they tell me you would think I was crazy, so I totally ignore them and the things they tell me. But I've had out-of-body experiences since then. I'll see myself sleeping and go back into my body and wake up but won't be able to move for 1 or 2 minutes. I feel like I'm screaming but no sound actually comes out of my mouth.


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