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The Halo Lady

I find myself looking down on my unconscious body on the hospital bed, noticing a lot of concerned people around me. I decided to get out of the room through the cracks of the ceiling. When I made it out, a little vehicle waited for me. It was the size of a matchbox that my being filled with white light. I was the box, the driver and the light.

Stopping in darkness, I walked out of my vehicle noticing a large door that opened and entered into a seemingly endless room, filled with human beings. They were transparent. I walked right through them. At the moment of my entering, all eyes were on me. When they realized it was only "little me" they ignored my presence and began to continue their anxious wait for something or somebody. They conversed with each other but I could not understand their words. I just knew they were extremely anxiousness from facial expression.

Standing sheepishly, a lady approached me with a halo on her head. She said "Oh, you don't belong here." She picked me up as if I were a baby and carried me out into the dark.  We entered another room. In the corner of that room, a cross vibrated of the same color as I noticed I had been in the vehicle. The lady's halo was the same color. The lady knelt in front of the cross with me on her arms silently. After a while she stood up, waited for a moment, then from the middle of the cross an extremely stern voice called my name:  "Go back to your body now and remember that was your last chance."

After that I regained consciousness.


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