2006 Houston

Pleasurable Western Adult NDEs: Circumstances and Contents

Scott Taylor, EdD
Pim van Lommel, MD
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Drawing on the results of 42 research studies on adult near-death experiences in Western cultures, this presentation offers one of the best overviews of this phenomenon. Using Dr. Kenneth Ring's paradigm that outlines five main stages of NDEs, Dr. Scott Taylor reviews in-depth the characteristics of each stage, citing examples of experiencer interviews to highlight key facets of the experience. Dr. Pim van Lommel continues the presentation with a detailed look at the correlation of demographics on the frequency and type of NDEs (age, gender, etc.), including the effects of psychographic and medical circumstances. The presentation concludes in the question and answer period with a moving, personal account by Dr. Taylor of his empathic NDE, an unusual but powerful type of experience.

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