2006 Houston

Pleasurable Western Adults NDEs: Aftereffects 

Russell Noyes, MD
Peter Fenwick, MD
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Many people who have an NDE, especially children, have a crisis following their near-death experience that can either lead to growth or to depression and self-repression. Ideally, the NDE may resolve itself as a death/rebirth awakening to greater life. Using the IANDS Index to Periodical Literature from 1976-2006 and Dr. Rozan Christian's research, Dr. Russell Noyes narrates both positive and challenging life changes after an NDE, and how they might be integrated over time as near-death experiencers reconfigure everyday life and relationships to match their spiritual awakenings. In closing remarks, Dr. Peter Fenwick discusses how the NDE has shaken the foundations of psychiatry and medicine in America and the United Kingdom, sparking a Copernican-like debate about the nature of reality.

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