Third Person Narratives

I Can Hear You!

I am actually telling of an experience that happened to my husband when he was 17 years old. He and his friends experimented with different drugs to get high. One day, he and his cousin went to a friend's house and while they were there they decided to go outside and huff some gasoline. When it was my husband's turn, something went terribly wrong and he became unconscious and then stopped breathing.

His cousin and friend panicked, and they dragged him into the house and placed him on the couch. During this time, he left his body and was standing next to his cousin and his friend. As he is standing there, he is watching them panicking, his cousin is crying, and they were trying to decide what to do. They were afraid to call 911 because they had been huffing gasoline, so they tried to do CPR themselves, to no avail.

During this whole time he is screaming at them "I'm fine, I'm fine! I'm right here!" But no matter what he said he could not get their attention. He was frustrated because they would not respond to him. When they could not get him breathing again, his friend called his brother in a panic, and while he was on the telephone, he walked outside. My husband's cousin followed behind. My husband distinctly remembers following them outside, but he was able to walk through the door without opening it.

He also witnessed the phone conversation his friend had with his brother about what they needed to do. At that point my husband said he felt something from behind him sucking him backwards like a vacuum cleaner. He said this suction sucked him back into his body and he remembered gasping for air when he woke up in his body. Once his friend and his cousin came back inside and discovered Carl was breathing and awake, they were relieved. When my husband told them every detail of what happened and told them word for word what they said, they were shocked!

Since my husband's experience, he has had dreams about things people were going to do and about people's impending deaths which have come to pass. He even tried to warn some people that they were going to be in an accident, but they thought he was being silly. Three days later they were in an accident, and my husband's good friend at the time was killed.

He even had a dream of being in an accident himself with another friend of his. Just a few days later, he and that friend had an automobile accident and my husband was thrown out of the vehicle and his friend was almost killed. Thankfully, they both survived. There are many more things I could tell that my husband has foreseen as well.

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