Third Person Narratives

Mother's room is filled with light as she calls out near death

Please note that this account is of my Mother's near death experience which occurred back in approximately 1970 when I was but 6 years of age. This account has touched the lives of thousands, of which some were located within the medical community (life changing) and most others through her personal testimony after having been invited for a television interview. Her testimony lives on today through her children and continues to touch the lives of others for good.


My mother was diagnosed with terminal uterine cancer at the age of 39. The cancer was quite aggressive and the cancer spread rapidly. She had been seen to by the General Hospital at the time and given 'cobalt' radiation treatments (chemo was not available at the time). Tumorous cancers where everywhere within the area of her uterus.

It would be important to note that the physician/surgeon that had been treating her confessed that he was of the atheistic belief system, since my mother was a very strong (faithfully devoted) Christian and took every opportunity at witnessing to others of her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, including to her physician. 

Even during her cancer ordeal leading to her near death experience, she had 'no' fear of death and the joy of the Lord she had experienced throughout her life remained strongly within her. Hence, she would speak frequently to her physician of her faith and the need for all to come to the Lord's call of salvation. It should also be noted that she and her local church had prayed fervently for healing since my mother had 6 young children still to care for, one of which was myself. She felt the extreme need to be there to raise her children and requested of the Lord his healing for this purpose.

As her cancer rapidly progressed it quickly came to the point in which her physician indicated to her that she had one of two choices to make, i.e., either remain within the hospital as her death was nearing or choose to die at her home residence. She had opted to die at home. She was but weeks away from death at this point.

The Near Death Experience

I clearly remember that day. It was a Sunday and my father had told us children to be quite in the house as Mom wasn't well. She had been confined to her bed for some time and the door was kept closed that day. I knew she wasn't well as I saw her withering away, week after week, but didn't fully understand to what extent. As my siblings and I were quietly keeping ourselves busy, I had been in the kitchen at the time that I suddenly heard her scream behind her closed bedroom door.

My father ran into the room, and he later described what my mother and he experienced. What occurred is that my mother was nearing the moment of her death, completely bedridden. She stated that she felt that she was about to die and screamed out with whatever energy she had to the Lord for help. 'Suddenly' the room completely filled with a peacefully overwhelming light that she saw in which simultaneously she felt an overwhelming overpowering presence of what she described as God with His immense love permeating every fiber and molecule of her body and the room that she was in. 

It is important to note that my father, prior to immigrating over to Canada from Germany was a coal miner, and this is how he described his experience upon entering the room after my mom screamed:

He said that when he was a coal miner and went deep within the mines, he described the darkness of the mines as being so thick that he could almost feel the darkness with his fingers. When he opened the door to where my mother was, he stated that the light within the room was so bright (no electric lights were on at the time and the incident happened in the early afternoon, on not a particularly sunny day) that he could almost 'touch,' i.e., feel the thickness of that light. He quickly ran over to my mother’s bedside to comfort her and she stated that, as she felt she was dying and cried out to the Lord, that at that moment the light burst into the room and filled her with such an immense presence of God and his love. 


Strangely, as the hours/days passed my mother was beginning to feel better and better. My father found this wonderfully peculiar, so much so that when my mother regained enough strength (I don't recall how many days after her near death experience), he took her back to the General Hospital to have her physician/surgeon examine her. 

My father was beside my mother who was on the examination table at the time, while her physician examined her uterus. My father indicated to us (to all siblings) that when the physician examined her uterus, his mouth dropped open, and I believe my father indicated that he went completely pale in the face. He was essentially astounded by what he saw. What he saw was that there were ‘zero’ tumors and no sign at all of any cancer.

Please keep in mind that this physician had openly indicated to my mother that he was an atheist. As his mouth dropped open during the examination, he looked at my father and stated clearly and emphatically, "There is a God!" His life was changed as a result to believing in the God of the Christian faith.

My mother regained her health completely and she was given of God another 34 years to see her children grow up, including her grandchildren! It was such a miraculous healing that she was invited to speak on a very popular Canadian Christian television broadcast at the time to give her testimony of how wonderfully the Lord had healed her. 


I firmly believe that spirit and that which is physical make up who we are, yet that which is spiritual is 'far' greater in reality and existence than that which is physical and, if medical science (thanks to NDE researcher Peter Fenwick!) continues to research the spiritual side of life and death, I believe we will find amazing truths that will benefit humanity beyond what current conservative medical science has had to offer.

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