NDE-Like Accounts

Berkshire Splendor

I was driving through the Berkshire Mountains in upstate New York. It was a beautiful Spring day I believe in April or May of 1954. I was in excellent health and very happy.  Rounding a slight curve I could see for a moment into the valley below and noted how beautiful the sky was, how crisp the air. Suddenly I heard a voice say "There is a God---everything will be alright and GOD loves you unconditionally."

The greatest part of the foregoing although great and wonderful in its entirety was the fact that with the pronouncements, I was given to know throughout my life, that what I had been told was true beyond questioning; beyond any earthly understanding or reasoning. I have, of course, recalled this event thousands of times of the last 59 years and the facts and circumstances are as clear today as they were then. There are more details: I did feel God's love for us, in that instant conclusion of this episode. It is hard to explain God's love because it is so much more than the emotional love we know on Earth. I felt God's love as a substance that encompassed my body from head to toe, front to back; literally every cell in my body and felt a great elation with at the same time. Obviously I am not much of a writer but I have done my best to express the truly inexpressible. My prayer is that everyone will, at some time in their own life, have such an experience. 


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