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My son is okay

I have kept quiet about this experience for 5 yrs because I felt no one would believe me. It was real and still very clear to me. Also because I was not ill or hurt I did not think of it as a NDE until I read about what other people said about those experiences. I did feel very honored that this had happened to me.

I regularly went to a private house to have healing energy work performed on me. This day girls were working in me. Music was playing I was very, very relaxed. The next thing I knew was I was in a tunnel with bright light. Shadow figures were all coming towards me: lots of them but nobody i recognized. I felt so loved, so happy, so peaceful. . . it was wonderful. No words can describe it. It was when they said I had to go back the trouble started. I kept saying "No, don't send me back; its too hard" over and over again because I could feel the differance between what it was like here and there. I remember begging and begging: "Don't send me back!" I wanted to stay where it was, it was so wonderful. I did not want to come back here. I can't describe the hellish feeling about here. I was so dissappointed I could not stay there.

I slowly awoke and the girl said, "Welcome back." I started to tell her and she said "I thought you had been somewhere." At that time I had 3 children and my husband. My youngest son had Muscular Dystrophy. How could I have not wanted to return to him? He was my life, he, my other children and my hubby needed me. I know it was not a dream; the feeling of love and peace showed me how wonderful heaven is. Since then Boomer (my youngest) has passed over. Knowing what I did from that experience made it easier for me to know the joy he was experiencing.

I have always growing been around spiritulism. I have studied it, still do; believe it. The experience made me look forward to my time to go home. But as these last years have shown me, I do have lots of work to do helping people. So many are hurting. I really, really want people to know that feeling, to know the afterlife is real. Many, many times I asked myself "How could I want to leave my family?" It has made me aware of how hard life is here, how we do have to admire each other for being brave enough to come. If only there was some magic way to describe both feelings to people. Peace, Peace, and the horror of being here and how it terrified me to come back to it. The terrible struggle it is just to survive here. No wonder they say everyone is happy when they arrive home. I do now hear people talking to me very clearly: my son, brother, parents, etc. They tell me how busy they are, tease me, guide me. I wish I were a writer and could explain it better, but even if I were, I don't really think there would be words to describe the feelings. I was given a glimpse of Heaven and slipped behind the veil for awhile. This is the first time I have really told anyone about my experience because I trust you to understand, not to be published or anything like that, I just wondered if I should be keeping to myself. . . someone might understand what happened to me was true and real. 


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