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Knew Something Happening to Me

In November of 2010 I underwent a surgical procedure to repair a condition known as trigeminal neuralgia. I had tried drug treatment, acupuncture and meditation for three years before electing to do the surgical procedure. They inserted a needle into my brain stem and inflated a balloon. I remember nothing of the surgery and noticed no changes in myself immediately afterward other than my jaw that was dislocated during the procedure.

In the first few weeks afterward I started seeing an indigo light in low light conditions. The light had shape and was attracted to electromagnetic devices especially automobiles. It progressed to where I can see indigo light when I close my eyes as long as there is some ambient light available. The entire night sky is indigo for me for the first few hours after sunset. In some cases I do see an indigo aura around people but this is rare. In the past 11 months I have witnessed three distinct images all different.

I believe one represents the beginning of the universe, another current connection to the universe and the last the culmination of the journey we're on. They appeared in reverse order with the end of the journey appearing first.

On occasion I feel the presence of something else. This also happens rarely. There is no personality involved. I am or was a Deist and until then I had thought very little about the subject. In addition I started noticing people’s spiritual presence. I see what I call their spiritual quotient. People come up to me unsolicited and seek my advice. Other times I sense the pain in people, engage them, and they quickly open up to me. Prior to November of 2010 I was a very self-absorbed person.

I have always been intuitive and have been involved with cutting edge technology in television and communications for my entire career in the electronics field. After the surgery my intuition has increased by at least a magnitude.

I knew something was happening to me, I just didn't know what. I read an article on indigos and immediately identified with those who believe people are being born with special abilities. It never felt quite right. I just couldn’t totally buy into new age concepts.

Like most organized religions, there are elements that make sense but a lot that don't. I attributed my skepticism to my scientific training, but I now know it is more than that.

I studied Cayce and other beliefs but nothing seemed to fit. Parts did but never the whole concept. My search for what was happening to me continued. Ironically I covered NDE in a blog on reincarnation but that was written shortly after the procedure and I did not make the connection to myself.

It took a friend to point out I may have experienced a NDE. He had read an article and it fit me to a tee. He had seen all the changes in me. I now firmly believe I did even though I was not conscious at the time. I discussed this with the surgeon recently and he said nothing unusual happened during the surgery but he did acknowledge that the sedation required to do this procedure could produce a NDE. If that is the case there must be others who have undergone this procedure who have no memory of their NDE but are experiencing some of the same things I am.

I went into this surgery on record as being in the top 3% of people in my age group for mental acuity according to the Seattle Longitudinal Study being conducted by Penn State and I have no idea how those with less ability would deal with this phenomena. I can see it scaring the hell out of some and people hiding it from others because they don’t want to come across as crazy.

That brings up another change. I had suffered from a compulsion that had bothered me for years. I just dealt with it. Shortly after the surgery I felt horrible about my compulsion and sought psychological counseling. The compulsion was no longer an issue and my therapist noticed the changes in me over our sessions and became intrigued with my case.

I soon realized my marriage was totally wrong. It wasn’t perfect prior to the surgery though. I believe it was where many marriages end up--not too happy, not too sad, but not just right either. Due to the trigeminal neuralgia we couldn’t even kiss for almost three years and I think we both were waiting for that part of our relationship to return to normal and it didn’t. I have desire for other women but not her. A week ago I left the marriage of 30 years for a job I am supposed to have waiting for me in Florida. I have no idea what I will do if there is no job but I feel fantastic. There is no way in hell I could have done anything close to my current behavior before last November.

I have experienced an increase in psychic ability which I will not speculate on unless it can be tested. It involves being able to influence other people’s behavior. There have been significant events beyond my control happening to me since the surgery. One involves a connection to a past life in which I was well known. It involved developing a condition I had in my previous life within 24 hours of the event that made me aware of the connection. This condition cannot be caused by psychosomatic behavior. There are a number of other events that have happened to add further creditability. I am working on a book as a result of these events.

Religious wise I have gone from being a diehard Deist to a Deist with spirituality to a Deist with spirituality who now believes in pre-destiny based on free will. We get signs that tell us what we should do but we can choose to ignore the signs. I have had too many in the past six months to deny their existence. So I guess I don’t know what my beliefs are but, strangely I still feel like a Deist.

NDE really feels right. That is why I have posted this experience. If this helps others who may not understand what is happening to them because, like me, they cannot recall the event, then reading this will be fantastic for them.


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