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An Untold Imprint

I was about nine at the time. My friend had shoved a frozen meat from the deep freeze into my mouth as she said "Open your mouth, close your eyes and you will get a big surprise!” Well, it was definitely a big surprise! It knocked my front tooth in half and made me dizzy; I almost passed out. This isn't where I had my out-of-body experience, but I did have a strange thing happen at this very moment. As I was in a sort of daze from the impact, I was sort of spinning, or at least it felt that way. All of a sudden I heard a voice in my head that said "You are going to know what it is like to die." I remember feeling excited about that prospect because for some reason I wasn't afraid to die. I assumed that the voice meant right at that moment. I was wrong. I had class pictures the following day, and I remember being pretty ugly for those photos. It was the following day or so when I finally had an appointment at the dentist office to get my tooth fixed. This is when I did have a very weird experience. Although, I have to admit, it didn't really feel as though I was dying. It seemed to be a very smooth transition from this world to the next.

I was in the dentist's office, not an operating room. There were no monitors on me or anything of that nature. I was under a general anesthetic, which I believe was nitrous oxide. Anyhow, after the mask was put over my nose, I just remember blacking out into sleep at first and waking up slowly and gradually in another way. I gradually regained awareness and as I was, I realized that I was floating up out of my body. I remember that I floated up in segments, just a little bit at a time. Each time I would stop, I would notice that it felt like my whole being was vibrating, and each higher level made my being vibrate at a higher frequency or pitch. It was a real odd sensation. Anyhow, finally I reached the ceiling. I had somehow arrived at the corner of the room at the ceiling and I was just hovering there. I didn't look back at my body at this time. I just remember seeing a door in front of me, a regular sized door, but it wasn't made of wood or anything like that. It was a hazy white color. It seemed like it was made out of a hazy light or something like that, but it was opaque and I couldn't see through it. I remember feeling a bit afraid to open it and see what was on the other side. So, I rested for just a minute to gather courage.

After gaining my composure, I decided to go ahead and take a look at what was on the other side of the door. I don't really remember opening it; I just remember floating across the threshold. I definitely remember that I was floating because I thought that it was strange. I felt like I should be walking. Once I got to the other side, I remember being amazed at a vast expanse of clear blue sky in front of me. It was all clear blue sky, with only a couple of other things that I could see. Off to the right of my view was an enormous light. This light sort of resembled the sun, but it was somehow different. I remember scoping it closely to figure out why it looked different. It seemed to have a golden glow in the center, but didn't have definite edges to it, like our sun does. Thousands of rays expanded out from the center of this sun, and I could make out the definite lines of each ray. I remember asking in my mind what the rays of light were for, and I remember receiving an answer something like, "These rays of light are what creates the universe."

I looked to my right and saw thousands of doors extending out from me like a corridor, but only one side of the corridor. This one-sided corridor extended all the way from me to this sun/large bright golden light. I asked in my mind what each door was for, and was told again, in my mind, that "each door represents life." These aren’t the exact words, but the same meaning. I then remember thinking that there would be doors going in the other direction, to the left of me. I looked and sure enough there were. But, there were not nearly as many doors. It seemed that there were only four or five doors to the left of me. I believe I was on the fifth. I just remember wondering what all this meant. I wanted to go and explore what was in the other doors, all of them; I wanted to know. I also wanted to explore what was in the light and all over. But, I was told that "You can go anywhere you want, but you might not make it back in time, or you might get lost." Again, exact words might have been different, but this was the meaning of what was told to me. There was this railing in front of me and in front of all the thousands of doors. I knew that if I crossed that railing, I might have problems getting back, and so I chose to stay put and just wait until it was time for me to go back.

Anyhow, getting to the point...I knew there was more time to go that I would have to wait and so I wondered if I could sit down. I guess you still have earthly impressions when you are there. Anyhow, there were no chairs and it came to me that I could just focus my thought and create one. I have no idea where this came from, I suppose some TV show or cartoon of the day. Anyhow, I did just that, I focused my thoughts as hard as I could with the thought of a lawn chair, and voila! Right in front of me a chair appeared. Only it seemed to have rainbow colored light emanating from it in multiple colors; it was beautiful...I had not intended to do this. I remember thinking that it was pretty, but not understanding why it looked like this. I floated over and sat down in it. I let the rays of the huge light/sun pour into me. It felt wonderful, warm, loving and I was happy.

Then I felt like I wanted companionship and since I had created the chair, then why couldn't I have a friend come as well. I remember focusing my thoughts again in front of me and imagined a specific friend of mine but nothing happened. Again, I tried, and nothing happened. I tried harder and harder again but still nothing. I remember thinking that surely if I was able to create a chair that I could bring a friend there as well. Finally, I tried again as hard as I could and something started showing up. Only, it wasn't the friend that I was expecting. It was an adult. I had been wishing for a friend that was my age and went to my elementary school. This wasn't him. It was a tall man who had dark shoulder length hair, or a bit longer. I think he had a beard but can't remember so much now. He was in a robe, and I remember thinking, this guy looks like the guy my grandmother has a picture of on her wall. I know this guy! People call him Jesus. I remember that I knew that he had some importance in religion and the bible. But, I was always a shy kid, and not knowing who he was, I didn't know if I should get too close to him. I remember wondering if he was a good guy or a bad guy and not knowing for sure. I let myself stop focusing and tried to block him from appearing. I remember trying a couple more times to get my friend up there, but each time this Jesus looking guy would start to show up, and I would block it. I remember it coming into my mind that I needed to learn about who this guy named Jesus was and if he was a good guy or a bad guy. Then next time I would know whether to talk to him or not.

Anyhow, I waited until somehow I instinctively knew that I should go back. I stood up from my chair and proceeded to my door. I paused for a second before crossing the threshold and took in the image before me of the dentist, my mom, my best friend and my body down there on the dental chair. I remember thinking to myself that "I need to imprint this image into my mind." I think I actually learned this word up there out of my body because I don't think I knew this word before that time. I then proceeded to cross the threshold of my door and zap! I was speeding back at my body at what seemed like the speed of light. I remember angling to the right to come into the left side of my head. I have no idea what that was about. But, I did this on purpose as if it was important.

As I started coming to in my body, I remember feeling that same old vibration again. I felt like my whole being was buzzing. At first at a high frequency or level, but then in descending tones. Then when I got to a very low tone I was completely back and awake. But, I didn't feel as good. Each tone has a feeling to it. The higher frequencies feel warm and wonderful. The lower ones don't feel quite so good; you feel hard and cold and even sad. I remember riding home afterward in the car and the afterglow of that event fading bit by bit. I really wanted to tell my best friend and mom but by the time I had a chance I remember feeling a bit depressed...so I never told them.


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