My first unusual recurring dreams were of travelling through what appeared to be a void, trying my best to find an opening. My next unusual recurring dreams were of being constrained, as if I was all in knots. When I was young I was aware of leaving my body every night while sleeping, and floating around the house and neighborhood. When I was older I teamed up with others. We would go around trying to interact with spirits that were stuck in buildings. I had many unusual dreams that I can vaguely remember where I was in other worlds, great halls of learning and arts.

When I was around 11 or 12 years old I spontaneously left my body while wide awake. I experienced some sort of super awareness because I was able to witness my own brain in a kind of dream-state, working without me, while out of body. I also took a good look at the walls; they were transparent, and I could see that each tiny insignificant particle of the walls was infused with the same sublime purpose as all of creation. At some point I left my room and went instantly to what appeared to be heaven. It was wonderful. There were many, many angels, all singing an indescribably beautiful sound to the everlasting glory and majesty of all that is, or so it seemed. And then I realized I had to come back.

I had some difficulty getting back into my body, so that when I did, I catapulted into the wall like a cartoon character. I had another experience during a point in my life when I was really feeling blue, so much so that I went to the bookstore and purchased a bible. I took it home and read the first few chapters of the New Testament. While I was reading it, I felt terribly sorry for Jesus and cried a lot. When I could read no more, a huge energy entered me, and I lied down. I was off into some other dimension.

An entity (perhaps Jesus…I got the feeling it did not matter) showed my previous life in complete detail and from all points of view with no omissions from the beginning to end. When the person died I got scared and came back to my senses, and a giant hand appeared on the ceiling briefly, and swept all of my fears away.

Most of my other experiences have to do with premonitions. On occasion, I've failed miserably to prevent certain things from happening. I have had many recurring dreams of nuclear bombs and my situation afterward. (I survive the initial blast by being underground). I have no reason not to expect that future to come to pass, which I fear could be very soon. This has hung over me like a shadow. I realize many will think of other reasons, but from all that I know I think it's very possible that it has already happened, and we're about to catch up to it. It's not a case or matter of me wanting or not wanting it to happen, as some people have told me. I'm just a witness to something that based on everything I have experienced, leads me to expect that, well, I guess it's going to happen.

There are also going to be more earthquakes similar to Japan. Unless a miracle happens, or we succeed in eliminating weapons of mass destruction, and controlling that into the conceivable future, we are not mature enough as a whole to avoid the worst. I think very few people on this planet are following the true teachings of Jesus. Most people are ready to take up arms against an enemy. Are we not supposed to love our enemies? Is it not better to lose one's life here in defense of peace than to save it by killing others? People are awed by modern weapons. What a catastrophe for them. Anyone that says 'We will attack in defense of religion' (or country) is very lost. There are no real partitions. There is just this beautiful planet whose residents are out of control and influencing each other in the worst ways-- greed, fear, and always wanting more. We can only hope that heaven intervenes. If not, then it may be a very harsh lesson.