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I am a scientist, so I am going to try to explain my experience, but this will never do it justice.

I went to rest for a few minutes one afternoon. I felt restless and was about to arise and go about my afternoon when I found myself upside down lying face down toward my body on the bed. My physical body was on its back, facing my own body and floating above it at a steady, slow pace. I observed my spiritual body's arms and legs and could see that I looked the same except spiritual, not physical matter. I was a finer, sharper matter. Then as I approached my ceiling, I thought I was going to hit my head, but instead I passed through it. Rather than going to the next floor of the house, I was instantaneously in
the universe.

This universe was not our solar system, perhaps not even our galaxy, but some part of the universe near God's location. I felt it was like a corridor but the expanse of the universe was all around me. I saw everything in 3D; I was able to look around. At this point I was sitting up comfortably. I felt a pure intelligence flow through me, all knowledge, like omnipotence; I didn't see any other people, just the beautiful expanse of the universe. I felt home, comfortable, and no fear. I had the feeling of peace, joy and warmth. I saw stars and planets and knew them inside and out it seemed. All that I saw I seemed to comprehend, not like we do with learning say the periodic table etc., but all at once, like a download of information--pure knowledge is what I call it. I then looked to my left and saw a wall of bright light, intense and beautiful. I felt love, warmth, joy, peace and most of all overwhelming love of God, at that moment although I didn't see God. I knew I was in his presence and the presence of Jesus.

Then I saw a cylinder-like, tube structure. It emanated from the light to the left and came out kind of like a tube of light. This plasma-like substance then went into my core gut, below my sternum. I felt intense, amazing ecstasy, joy, and love of God. I saw it physically go through my body and then out my fingertips; it was so spectacular. The feeling was incredible. I remember feeling, "I want to know more, go further. I want to be with you God now and forever and ever." I did not think of earth or my husband (I feel he is my soul mate as we're inseparable). I know though, that we and our children will be together forever with God and our loved ones. This is some of the knowledge imparted to me. The point, I was so consumed by this love of God I wanted nothing and no one else.

At the moment of wanting to go further in my experience, I found myself looking at the ceiling back in my body lying on my back in my bed. I had no concept of time, or how long this lasted. However, I felt eternal love and with this knowledge I remember thinking, "This makes sense; it is common sense!” I am frustrated because I don't have recall for the knowledge downloaded. Although every second of every hour of every day I feel it is in my soul, kind of like in a zip file, if you will.

I believe God is a scientist and loving father. He wants us to explore and ask questions etc. I am Mormon/LDS and strong in my beliefs about the church. Joseph Smith taught that God lives near a planet called Kolob. This sounds silly to people, but makes sense to me (as a scientist) that God exists at a physical locality that is locatable when he wants us to know about it. Also, look at the universe, how odd the whole thing 'reality' really is. I mean we are on a great big magnet, earth, spinning through space and in orbits up to speeds that would blow your mind, yet we can't feel the momentum. I find particle physics and chemistry help me to feel closer to God.

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