It happened on July 12, 2011. I was in the hospital for childbirth. Two weeks before, two doctors examined the baby with 3D ultrasound and said it had serious malformations (Trisomia 13) and recommended termination of the pregnancy. I was in the 16th gestational week. Of course I was shocked because I have a healthy seven-year-old daughter, with no abortion before or after her birth. I did not change my intimate partner since I started to live with him and that was in 1999. Later I married him, and recently divorced him (2010), but continued living with him because my daughter was not able to adapt to the fact that we would live separated. I gave her daddy a last chance and we are still together. We did not plan on having another child. So this pregnancy happened by chance. When I first understood about being pregnant, I wanted to make an abortion but no one supported me.  I mean my family or ex-hubby. My daughter wanted the baby so much because she felt lonely and wanted a brother or sister. So, I decided to keep the baby, but to be honest it was hard for me to adapt to the new situation.

For more than a month I had bad thoughts, sometimes even when we quarreled with my ex I wished both the child and I died. I felt strange during that pregnancy. I became isolated from people; I did not have any desire to communicate with my friends. I was physically sick too. I hardly endured my classes at school. When I was back, I stayed in bed for hours. I felt like vomiting but never could do it. All this continued for a month and a half. Then I started to change. I started to accept the baby and feel physically better and happy. I began to feel the baby during the fourth month and talked to it. I knew that it would be a boy because when I was younger I wanted two kids, a boy and girl. I already had a girl. (I knew her sex even without being told about it by a doctor.)  I chose my gynecologist when I was in the 13th week. He prescribed routine tests. When I met with him for the next consultation, he saw the results and said everything was fine. He examined the baby with 2D ultrasound in his office and said it is okay. I was happy to hear it, but I reminded the doctor that I wanted to be examined with 3D-4D ultrasound, a service that he informed me I should pay and of course I agreed because it concerned my life and my kid's too. To be honest, I was a bit annoyed with the doctor that it was me who wanted that checkup.

When I understood that I was pregnant, I started reading a lot about medical checkups during pregnancy. Technology has changed a lot over the past several years, and I wanted to be informed about the novelties and take advantage of it. On the Internet I read about biochemical screening especially for women over 35. I’m 38. In fact, I did not have any premonitions that something like this could happen to me but wanted the security. That’s why I asked the doctor for this special test, which is not included in the routine tests. On the next day (June 29) I had another meeting with the doctor, but this time in the hospital where the special 3-4D ultrasound resided. I saw my baby on the big screen. While examining it, I saw that the doctor became a bit confused, so I told him to be straightforward with me and to hide nothing. The doctor said that he did not see some organs that should have been developed by this time. You can't imagine how I felt at that time. I tried to keep myself cold-blooded while with doctor. He advised to wait two weeks for another examine of the baby. He said if he still had suspicions he would send me for a consultation with another specialist.

When I left the room I could not keep my tears anymore and started crying. I cried all the way home, and I live 20km away. Honestly, I don't know how I managed to get home safely. I informed my family, and for two days I did not want to see anyone. I was thinking to arrange an appointment with another doctor, and then two days later my friend called me to ask about me. When I told her the bad news she told me not to wait and go to another doctor. I followed her advice and went there with my ex. The doctor checked the baby and said that it was really not developing well and advised me to terminate the pregnancy. I trusted her totally; I did not have a decision to stop it. We went back to my village, called the doctor from the hospital, and on the next day went to the hospital. I was told that they will try to provoke childbirth. The baby was 16 to 17 gestational weeks. I thought that everything would go fast and soon I would be home and forget about it, but nothing like this happened. I stayed in the hospital from July 5th to the 13th. Almost every day some solution with oxytocin was poured in my veins so that they could provoke this artificial delivery as I called it. It was terrible because I had to stay in bed for six to twelve hours in bed while these banks with liquidity entered my body. On the second day I got some pains but the doctor said they could be false and he ordered the nurse to give me a shot with some tranquilizer and the pain stopped. Finally, during the night of July 12th at 1:00 a.m., I felt blood started coming out of my body, but quite little. On the morning July 12th, the pains started at first not so strong but increased until 11 a.m., when they became very strong. The nurse came to see me and called the doctors. I was taken to the operating room.

When I was put on that special place where women deliver babies, I felt that the amniotic fluid flowed, and the baby got out. I did not see the baby, just felt it. The doctor was beside me and told me that he would make curettage to be sure that everything would be fine and nothing left inside me. I just asked for general anesthetic because I cannot tolerate physical pain. I signed some documents upon entering the hospital. They called the anesthesiologist and she asked if I had anything to eat or drink. I told her that I only had a few gulps of fruit milk early in the morning, but I did not eat anything for many hours. I expected the situation so that's why, during my stay there, I did not allow myself to eat or drink as usual. I was given the anesthetic and stopped seeing anything in the room. After that I felt something strange. I saw a tunnel that looked like our closed water slides (by close I mean like a tunnel not open like some of them). I remember its color being green. Then suddenly I was going through this tunnel. In fact I saw and listened to all situations which happened to me in the past four months. What I remember very well was that I could hear the voices of people who were involved in these situations. I saw these situations in the reverse order from the last until the moment. I understood I got pregnant. I remember very well the meeting with the doctor. I saw it during the anesthetic well but everything was fast—from one situation into another—and voices all the time. When I use the word I, I do not mean my body. I don't know how to describe me during this situation with no body. I will say it this way, it’s like when you are thinking and talking to yourself. This was while all else happened to me. So, when I saw these situations the next thing I saw was my body on the bed or table. I saw my body—my eyes and mouth, which was a bit crooked (normally it is normal); it looked like a dead body. I have seen dead bodies and that's why I compare it. Suddenly I saw a picture of my daughter.

Let me tell you about this picture. Two days before my daughter came to see me in the hospital with her daddy. I asked her daddy to dress her in the clothes I wanted, a pink dress, pink hat, and pink flip-flops. She looked so pretty and I was so happy to have her there. Before they left, I took a few pictures of her. One of them I liked very much and put it on my cell phone display. That picture I saw and I remember very well asking God to return me back to my daughter so that I could take care of her. The exact words I remember: “Please God I know that I will have one child only. Please get me back to her to be able to take care of her.” What I felt after these words was getting back into my head. I do not say body, I say HEAD, because I felt like getting back into my head.

After this I opened my eyes and wanted to say that I was going to vomit, but my mouth was stiff. A second passed until I could say something to the women there. The nurse gave me some vessel and I vomited the milk I drank from early in the morning, the same quantity. I was told not to get up for two to three hours and I followed instructions. Then I got up from bed and walked; I did not feel any pain. I forgot to mention something. While I was getting back to my senses I remember very well the doctor coming to my bed and saying that the previous doctor did her work well. He meant that what she said about the baby was correct. I was put in a room and the woman told me that they could hear me shouting loudly (during the curettage).She asked if it was so painful. I said, I did not feel any pain and to be honest I was so surprised because I really did not feel any pain. All this happened between 11:30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.  I mean since the strong pains (contractions) started. I think I was under anesthetic just for half an hour.

This was my second anesthetic. The first was during the delivery of my daughter which was not a normal one, but at that time I did not have such clear visions like these. At that time I also experienced something strange.  I felt as if I was present in the operation. In fact they gave me anesthetic and took out the kid with forceps. The doctor told me later she had stopped coming out. I could feel that everything was going on fine, but I did not see. I felt myself at that time over the table but just feeling but not seeing. This time was totally different; everything was so vivid. On July 13th I was allowed to go home.

I have my own explanation as to why all this happened to me. Since I was a little kid I have wondered what happens to us after we die. During the above described experience I had my answer—going to another dimension, but leaving bodies here. Remember, above I told you that when I learned that I was pregnant I wanted to make an abortion, but I was scared and no one supported me. My intuition told me to do it, but I followed others' advice so I think God did not give me enough courage for an abortion…just to show me what is going to happen after life finishes. I do not accept it as a punishment because I did not want the baby, a product of sex and not being wanted. The fact that I was told at that still early stage that the baby was not fine, and it was in my hand to decide what to do, I feel God gave me this chance.

I cannot say what changes I have undergone since but maybe they will happen in near future. To be honest I am not an easy person. Usually I am accepted as strange. Unfortunately I am straightforward and always speak my mind. I was quite sociable too, but for some months now I don't feel like talking to people, as if I have nothing to tell and nothing to learn from them. You know after I came home, I started searching for people having experienced similar things. I even registered on a site and asked people to write to me but no one did until now. I came across your website by chance while searching info about near-death experiences and saw this page and decided to share my experience. I will be glad to meet with and talk to people who have had similar experiences.