NDE-Like Accounts

More than Physical Existence

I had just fallen asleep and felt myself instantly float out of my body as easily and as simply as sitting up and walking. It was just so incredibly easy. I wondered why I didn’t do it more often and told myself that I must absolutely try to do it again soon. It felt indescribably wonderful to be out of my body. What a relief. I felt so light and totally free of the weight of my body and its heaviness. Being separated from it felt somehow familiar, but I couldn’t ever remember leaving it before.

My thoughts controlled the height I floated at and I continued to rise up into and through the ceiling as if it wasn’t there. I could see my body sleeping below in bed. I remember thinking how real this experience was, more real than reality, and I was amazed at how much detail I could see in everything--the dust in the attic, the cobwebs, all the fibers in the plasterboard. I don’t remember hearing anything but it was late at night; there were no cars or people around. I let myself float out above the house and then across the street toward the street light where I paused and wondered whether I should go any further. Somehow I knew that I shouldn’t go too far from my body. I was totally in awe and enthralled. It was exhilarating. I remember being very excited about it. But then I felt the presence of something suddenly stirring far, far away to my left, all the way down the deep darkness of the street and I was immediately alarmed. I was too terrified to turn toward it. I couldn’t face it. Something very sinister and evil had suddenly been awoken and was now aware of my presence and that I should not be there. It’s very hard to explain. It was my actual presence that awoke the entity. The only other words I can think of to describe the entity are “menacing, predatory and hungry.” It wanted my soul and I had to get out of there. As soon as I had the thought that I wanted to get back into my body, I fell into it with a thud and was awake and too terrified to fall back to sleep in case I left my body again.

The experience was both wonderful and frightening. I was so happy to have confirmation that there is definitely more to us than just our physical existence. After this I have absolutely no doubt now. The out-of-body experience was completely and totally real. But whatever is out in that other dimension can be frightening. I’ve never believed in the Catholic God and devil. It all seemed so fictional to me. I’ve always had a lot of love and goodness in my life, but now I know that there is pure evil too. I would like to leave my body again but not without some sort of protection.


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