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Flying Free

My experience happened without being ill or near death. I was simply on my back in bed when it happened suddenly. I was doing a relaxation when I felt vibrations in my feet. It was strange, but I did let go to see what would happen next. The vibrations came up to my chest. When it came to my chest I suddenly popped out of my body. I was floating near the ceiling when I realized that I was out of my body. I felt a tremendous joy.

I didn’t see my physical body nor was I interested in it. I felt complete--like a pinpoint of consciousness with eyes. My vision was totally perfect. But what took my attention was the way I felt. I felt so good, in total peace and joy. I felt curious like a child who discovers the world for the first time. I must say that there was no sense of time, only the present or eternal now. As I floated near the ceiling, I felt like pure energy. The only thing keeping me from going through the ceiling was the difference between my energy vibration and the vibration of the matter. It only took a thought to cross the wall. That's what I did. I found myself outside floating at six feet near the streetlamps. I immediately recognized them because they are beautiful. Then I don't know how but I found myself in a big green park and I wasn’t in the sky anymore. I was on the ground, and now I realized that I had a body made of energy. I had two legs and two arms. Yeah.

And you know what I did? My fun was to run to take speed and then fly up in the sky. It's like being near the ground. I had a body but when I was in the sky I felt like I was only a consciousness, like a pinpoint. In that state I felt a presence all around me. I felt like I was floating in a bigger consciousness, maybe the consciousness of God I don't know because I really felt a presence all around me and that presence was also pure peace. I felt protected. So I did that (run and fly) for what seem like an eternity. I had the most beautiful time of my entire life. Flying is feeling free. That experience showed me that I am not my body and that when I die I'll go in another dimension. That's it.


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