The experience started with a possible depression of purpose. Financially I was fine. I was talking to my mother on the phone with my son in the room. I mentioned that I felt funny, and within several seconds I blacked out from total body pain. The sensation was all over me. Suddenly I was being pulled from my body by all limbs at once. At that point I could still sense but had no vision or hearing. Before this event, I was a nonbeliever.  

Soon I was moving above the entire room and could see my son looking at me, or my body, on the floor. That was my wakeup call. As I moved further away, the speed increased and all around me went black again, except for what looked like a dot of light far out there. I was moving in that direction and at some point this light was getting larger. Then I heard a voice, a very real voice in a monotone structure so I could not sense whether it was female or male; it was just a voice. The voice gave me a specific option (question), "I can come now or stay and do something big." My decision was to stay.

As I decided to stay I moved back to where I came from very fast. It then was like a ring of fire. I felt a burning sensation that began in my toes to about my knees then started at my hands. Once at my waist and elbows the top of my head felt the same burn. This burned to what you can say the middle of my chest. It was about 20 minutes of this and then I was in my body again, but it took about a half hour for my physical ability to return to full working functions. I was taken to the hospital after and medical professionals could not find any physical or mental misfires. I recall everything, and there is much more to this than just the experience itself.

The aftereffects are much greater than the experience, i.e., Karma, soles of animals, other world technologies, plus greater beings, including the reality of a greater presence is as clear as any vision. I also have extra sensory abilities with smell, vision and memory, etc. All are improved and more sensitive in some way. Plus my direction or path has taken a new twist. What I discovered about belief and values is: You only get to see when you are willing to sacrifice all. The test is not the experience itself either. You must be willing to sacrifice first, such as taking a gamble on whether you will see or not after you have put your all into it, including your life on the line. From my view, this is a critical test for all not just me. In order to pass the test to see, you have to trust and believe to go there. This has a huge effect on anyone who does it. I also have had several smaller versions of the same experiences but without leaving the body. It was some exhilarated sensation of thank you for the first one. I could fill a book with all the interesting things that have occurred and are still occurring in my life since the experience.