It happened one evening as I was getting ready to drift off to sleep. My husband lay next to me and all was calm and quiet. My eyes were closed, but I felt my heart beating very hard and erratically. There was no pain only the loud beating sound and the convulsing of my body as my heart tried to get into rhythm. The next moment I could see my body beneath me lying beside my husband. It looked as if I were sleeping. Suddenly I was whisked away by beings on each side of me. I could not focus my eyes for we were traveling at an enormous rate of speed through the atmosphere. I could feel the wind pushing against my face and eyes as we went further and further up.

We came to a place that is almost indescribable for words fail me when I try to tell about it. The music was the first thing I noticed. It was coming from everywhere surrounding me there. Love was all around me, soaking into every fiber of my body. I could feel it everywhere, above, below, and all around me. Then I saw Jesus. He stood tall above me clothed in white garments. His hair was as white as snow and hung down about His shoulders. His eyes were as flames of fire flashing from his face yet I had no fear at all. His face was like brass, tanned by the sun. He spoke and it sounded like mighty thunder that rolls across hill and dale. It was very loud and mighty. His lips did not move when he spoke to me yet I understood every word he said. Before me he displayed a large screen hanging as if perfectly placed there. Upon the screen he showed me my entire life. It began when I was a small child with Polio. He explained why everything happened and continued until the present time. Then he stated, "No More"! I understood it to mean no more hurting, suffering or pain. Then he told me that I had to return to earth to continue my mission for I had not yet completed it. I felt sadness for I wanted terribly bad to stay with him. The love was so awesome. I was unable to speak for he stood above me in such a towering fashion much like a giant over an ant. I wasn't afraid but I stood in awe of him.

Then as suddenly as I arrived, I was quickly whisked away and brought back to earth. I could feel the wind as before. I remember going back into my body for it was so very cold. My heart rumbled and tumbled trying to get into the perfect rhythm. My body bounced on the bed and my eyes opened. I was so cold. My body was like ice. My husband was still sleeping next to me. I sat up and woke my husband from his sleep trying to tell him what had happened to me. Of course I was speaking so fast and was so excited he could barely understand what I was trying to tell him. To this day I remember it as clearly as when it happened. I told my husband, "You don't understand, but I understand!" I know that I stood in the presence of God. I know he spoke to me and showed me my entire life before me there. I know how He looked and sounded. No one can ever tell me any different for I was there in his presence. I could feel his awesome love penetrating every cell in my body and what an awesome feeling it was. I remember not wanting to come back to earth yet knowing I must obey. I don't know how long I was out of my body but I do know my body was so very cold. I was told by doctors that it takes about thirty minutes for the body to go from its average temperature to the cold feeling I had upon my skin. So I know God provided a way for my body to stay in a perfect state while he talked to me.

I now have no fear of dying for I know where I am going. When my job on earth is over and I have finished my task, God will call me back to himself once again. I hope this has inspired those who may not have believed in life after death in some way. I can also testify that when my dying father was preparing to leave earth, he took the last breath he had to tell me "Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye!" the words a child will never forget. He was headed out of this world and into the hands of God.

There is life after this body dies. There is heaven, I know. I have not seen hell but I have heard from those who have. Heaven is my home!