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A Universal Gift of No Belongings

On the 18th of July 2009 at 2 a.m., while lying fully awake in my bed meditating. I was visited by three beings Jesus, my guru Sri Mahavatar Babaji, the immortal Yogic from the Himalayan Mountains of India and the Light. Somewhat surprised and extremely shocked, I asked what was happening. I could feel the room fill with the immense feeling of peace. It was indescribable. My guru Babaji gently told me I was going to die. Shocked I asked, what do you mean, that can’t be true, how can that be, I am not ill, neither am I in an accident…how long, when and where? The answer came from the being of light that was standing at the foot of my bed. "In three minutes" it answered. Suddenly I had a realization that the being of light was also the being of death. Yet this was no grim reaper, but a beautiful loving being. Who was the being of death, meaning transition? Oh God I cried, “Is it going to hurt? You mean to say I have only three minutes left?” This felt unreal. The Light assured me it was not going to hurt. However, if I put up a resistance to death, my breathing might get uncomfortable. If I surrendered to death, I would be okay and it would make the transition easier. I didn't feel I had much choice, as time was slipping away.




As I surrendered to death, a feeling of immense peace swept through my entire being. Even though at the same time, my mind was saying, “This is so not happening. You haven't got time to die. You have shopping to do in the morning.” As my mind was filled with thoughts of disbelief, I sensed an overwhelming feeling of finality. This is it, I am going to die and there is nothing I can do about it. In that very moment, I realized nothing belonged to me, not my life, not my body, my relationships, my work or even breath. Everything was a gift from the universe.


I noticed a pressure on my chest and Jesus silently standing beside me. My breathing started to get shallow and thoughts were still rushing through my head. My God I am dying. This is it. Where am I going? Why do I have to die now? It’s so inconvenient. I haven't said goodbye to my loved ones. I have so much work to do. Oh God, I haven't written a will! As my breathing started to become shallow, I simply put my trust in the three beings with me while my mind was off on a tangent about the injustice of my having to die. Suddenly the Light who was also the being of death—transition— intensified the feeling of peace as it filled the room with its presence. Then death kissed me on the mouth like a gentle breeze and I came out of my body in a split second on the last breath.

There was no pain. When I came out of my body with the last breath, I found myself immediately in the light. There was no tunnel. As I was standing in the presence of the light, I felt it drawing me deeper into itself. I also noticed, as I was being drawn deeper into the light, I could feel the presence of my loved ones and family who had passed on before. I sensed they were full of joy and wanted to speak with me. But, the light said no lovingly and continued to draw me ever deeper into itself. Standing in the very core of the light I realized I was with God. Oh how beautiful he/she is, who is of no sex but beyond. How loving this magnificent being was, totally unconditional, powerful with kindness beyond words with such supreme intelligence. There was no trace of anger or any darkness, just beauty beyond words. I never felt more alive and I thought, “This is death!!” I felt I had come home and I had never felt so secure and safe. I was aware that there was no time. I could have been with God two minutes or two thousand years. And as there was no time, everything was all happening at once, yet it wasn't confusing. My mind was also filled with the mysteries of the universe and because there was no negativity to hinder the mind. The mysteries of the universe were so simple. I knew everything from creation to the play of life on earth. Everything was clear. I also realized that I was no longer my personality. I was just being, a pure being with God, which felt more natural, more alive than I had ever known before. As questions started to fill my mind, because there was no time, they were all immediately answered at once, telepathically.

God continued to show me through knowing and feeling, his unconditional love. He was self radiating, self existing and in the very core of his being was pure bliss and creation itself. There was no judgment, only indescribable bliss through being and consciousness. I was in awe of this amazing being yet I recognized him as well, as the supreme intelligence, holding the universe together through his consciousness/divine mind of absolute beauty, and unconditional vibration of unconditional love. It’s hard to describe. There are no words that can justify and truly describe the experience of being with God. I am calling God he, but he is of no sex. As God showed me the importance of unconditional love, and at the same time answering my many questions, he sang to me the answers. It was mind blowing and so beautiful. I then could feel and hear the music of the universe and there was intelligence in the music. He showed me that the music of the universe was his love for all creation; it was the creative force sustaining creation. And, that everything was held together in his divine love for humanity and all creation.

Then as he sang a secret word over me and held me in a state of grace, I was told I would be going back. As he sang, I could feel the mathematical intelligence and divine love, which held supreme intelligence, vibrate through my being. Then I found myself going backward extremely fast down a dark tunnel upon where I entered my body with a very sharp jolt. I looked at the clock and it was 4 a.m. I just remained the rest of the night in awe of what had happened. Message from God to you—you are loved, you are not alone.


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