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I Could be One with All

It happened during the night. I was trying to have a lucid dream. Then I began to see my own dream manifestation happen before my eyes. I was conscious of myself and aware that I was dreaming. I was in an environment of turf and grout. The sun was shining and it was really beautiful. The color was vivid and real. I saw an animal with me that looked at me. Shortly after, I was on a balcony with all my family and friends, but to the side, there was a great dark ravine or gulch. My own manifestation dissolved before my eyes, but I was always present and aware that I made it up.
Suddenly, I saw myself out of the body looking at it, but it was dark. I focused my attention out of the house and in one instant I felt myself out of the world. I was seeing the earth and the universe. The earth was small because I was far away. It was blue and vivid. Then something happened unexpectedly. I felt my individual self pulling out of the universe and I began to go within a dark space. I was going really, really fast within it. I was still conscious and aware of myself. I began to see a really small speck of light in front of me. I could see that this light was aware of me and knew that I was looking at it. Together we (the light and I) came closer and closer to each other. Then everything stopped and I could see a humanoid forming close to me. It said to me, “It's not your time.” I responded, “Please I want to know the real God.” The being of light said to me, “You already know the light, you have simply forgotten it.” At that moment, the being of light showed my life; the picture was big and real, and in this review I could see, feel and understand the impact of my actions on others. The review was only the emotional scene not all of my life. I could remember that I was trying to commit suicide in front of other people and I felt guilty and really angry because I did not want to see it, especially before the light being. It never stopped to show compassion and support me during this time. I knew my mission was not finished.


Surprisingly, the being of light in humanoid form began to dissipate and dissolve into the light. To my surprise, the unconditional love of the light was so intense and profound that it's hard to describe. All the universe knowledge was within me. This light began to envelope me within itself, like a mother with her arm embracing a child. I could see nothing but light, and the acceptance was unconditional and fulfilling. I knew that I was to merge and dissolve into it. When I was within the light I was aware of my individual self and I could be one with all; that is, at the same time. I decided to dissolve. As I began to do it, a gentle power pulled me out of the light and I was suddenly seeing the light. At that moment I remembered my purpose was to love my mother and accept myself. At that moment a black out came. I was again within a dark space, but this time I was unconscious and it pulled me into my body. When I woke up, I began to cry for joy and sadness at the same time because I felt separate from the light. Many days after, I felt disoriented, but now I'm ok.


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