NDE-Like Accounts

All-Encompassing Love and Acceptance

I was sleeping, dreaming, or something. Suddenly, as if someone had switched channels on the TV, I found myself above my body lying in bed. I was moving away from my body to the right side and slightly upward. I felt that I had legs, arms, etc., but somehow no flesh, more like a blurry, smoky material. I was very relaxed, pondering what was happening and where I might be going. Then I realized I was not breathing. As quickly as the thought came to me, it was okay. I didn't need to breath. The place was dark and empty. There was no air or liquid of any sort. As I turned my head to see if I could spot anything, I realized that there was a round hole in the darkness from where a strong white light shone very brightly.

The light came from above. I spotted four or five beings with bodies, legs, arms, and heads. They were all looking down, signaling for me to come up to them. I tried to swim or float, but I was stuck in the same spot. I said, or thought, "I can't." One of the figures jumped into the darkness with a hand extended to me. I reached out. At that very moment when our hands were about to touch, I felt a strong pull downward as if someone was pulling my feet.

Instantly I woke up. I had just swung my left arm, hitting my dear wife across the chest. I told my wife about the experience, but she thought I was dreaming. After complaining about my having hit her, she went back to sleep. I sat on the edge of my bed for a long while, thinking about the event.

Upon waking, I immediately felt my pulse; it was racing. However, contrary to what I would have expected, I had no adrenaline rush or panting. Above all I had the most incredible feeling of peace, warmth, and all-encompassing love and acceptance of myself, which I felt while in the dark space. Apparently, I took it for granted while there, as if I had been before and was familiar with it. In fact, every time I recall the event, the feeling returns, and it is beautiful.

I have the distinct feeling what I experienced was not a dream. It was so clear, so intense, and so beautiful. One other thing, after this event I totally lost the fear of death. Moreover, I am secure with the knowledge that there is a place where we go after we die; it’s a much, much better place.

This experience has changed the way I relate to people. Now I believe that we all belong there; we are indeed part of a whole (God maybe?); and love is the most important thing in the world. What we may feel and call love here doesn't even come close to the feeling I had in that void. All of this is coming from an individual who has hardly any religious formation. I have never been to a church of any denomination, and I was very skeptical about anything religious. I still feel that all churches have it wrong, and things are a lot simpler. All we need is to love everyone as much as we love ourselves.

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