In 1971 there were many groups forming to study Eastern religions. I was feeling skeptical about some of the people leading these groups. Meanwhile, my high school English teacher was hosting Edgar Cayce study groups in her home. At some point during our meetings, she would instruct us to meditate. (I did not have much experience meditating and only knew to close my eyes and try not to think.)

During the third time meditating, suddenly, I was out of my body and hovering in a golden light pulsating in vast space. I felt like I was floating above a Grand Canyonish space. Everything was pixelated in brilliant colors, similar to that which is seen on a computer screen; however, at the time, we didn’t have personal computers. It was beautiful. Then I was aware of energy waves passing through me one after the other, similar to when you float in the ocean near the shore. Each wave was so pleasant. I realized that this love, light and energy are God, the other side. I knew I had gone to the other side. At that moment, I knew there was no need to search or question my life anymore. There is life after death. I also knew that I didn’t need to get involved with all the new gurus trying to sell their way. I was told my purpose in a thought form, which was that I am here to paint and be an artist, and to focus on that, not waste time, and get back to work.

Suddenly, I was back in my teacher's apartment, kind of in a pleasant shell-shocked state of mind. I told her what had happened and she smiled. (My close girlfriends ended up on communes that were not of great integrity and they got messed up on drugs for a long time.)

Though I would not call this meditation a near-death experience, I know that I was brought to the same type of place described by so many NDErs. I was shown that life after death exists, I have a purpose on earth, and I need to embrace all the wonders and lessons that this beautiful, earthly life provides for us…and keep painting!