I am on a Greek Island (named Hydra) and walking at the quay when I see something in the sky. I want to reach to this cloud-like image but the only way to go there is by flight and I don't know how to fly so I start to jump until by the third time I fly away.

I have no weight or fear. I feel very light and happy. I can fly also without moving my hands or legs. I can see myself also at the quay walking, but I am not worried because my goal is to reach the cloud. I realize I can control the speed of my flight and I start go real fast. I get there and I see a tunnel created by thousands of clouds in circles. Every circle had the same diameter but some where thicker than the others.

All the colors are tints of light blue that ended to white. (The first thing that crosses
my mind is that I am very sorry that I don't paint beause I would like this as a painting by the time I am awake). I decide to go inside of the tunnel. AsI fly the colors are changing very quickly. It looks like those books with sketches on every page and turning the pages real fast shows a story with motion. In a very short time I got out from tunnel and fell down on the ground with force but I had no wounds.

I get up and look at a place unknown to me. It's almost morning and the place is a crossroad in a town with shops and traffic lights. I see people in groups and some alone but no one was talking. It was like they were waiting for something. I observed them and realized that when I try to speak they don't hear me because they don't see me. I stay there for a while but suddenly I understand that this place is not for me yet, so I decide to go back to the island again. That was when I woke up. It was a very beautiful feeling.
I have several dreams similar to this with which I remember because they are unusual so I write them down.