NDE-Like Accounts

Childhood Malnutrition

I have no recall of an NDE. I was told that when I was about six months of age, I almost died from malnutrition. My birth mother didn't feed me. At adoption, I was in the last stages of malnutrition, and it was unlikely I would survive. My adoptive mother fed me every two hours around the clock, until I was well.

While I have no recollection of an NDE, malnutrition, or my childhood, I have most of the signs of an NDEr. I am of above-average intelligence. Growing up I scored in the highest percentile on every standardized test. I have absolutely no concern for money or status “getting rich” or owning possessions that would indicate status. Hierarchical organizations confuse and bewilder me. Why can't we all just cooperate to get things done? Why does there have to be a "boss" or "leader"? I am psychic and have done hands-on healing. During childhood I was good at math and science. I have an extensive library on a lot of diverse subjects. I volunteer time to various organizations, do search and rescue, and have spiritual beliefs rather than religious ones. I have always had the attitude that it's much more important how you treat other people than how much money you make, how big your house is, what kind of car you drive, how you look, or what kind of clothes you wear. I have always had difficulty fitting in social situations.


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