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Four Miles Away

I have experienced many psychic phenomena that have always included my sister or someone close to me. But, the one I feel most compelled to describe happened about 18 years ago. I was home sick with the flu and fell asleep in bed. I woke up floating about two to three feet off the ground through my friend's hallway about four miles away. I stopped and hovered a few feet away from and above my friend's younger brother. I was not strongly emotional and very keen on simply observing him and getting inside his thoughts and feelings -- almost like this was a normal assignment for an every day common occurrence.

Her brother was seated on his bed leaning over some paperwork. I knew that these were his school grades that had just arrived. He was feeling a lot of things, but, mostly guilt and fear of facing his father, disclosing the bad grades, and disappointing him. I simply observed. I knew that he did not see me. I felt some empathy for him, but, I also knew that it would all be fine, so, there was not much emotion -- again, it seemed to simply be my job to observe and make mental notes. I did this and then only remember waking up in my bed some time later. I recalled everything vividly when I woke up and there was not even a question in my mind whether or not this was a dream. I simply knew that I had been to my friend's house.

I was very puzzled because this brother and I were never particularly close at all. He was simply one of my friend's younger brothers. I also had assumed that he had been out of school and the house for years since being 25 or 26 years of age. My friend came to visit me the next day; I was still staying home from work with the flu. I asked if her brother was living back at home, going to school, and staying in the back first floor bedroom. She confirmed all of it. I then told her what I had experienced. I hadn't realized at the time that it would upset her, but it did. She was raised catholic and I suppose that had something to do with it. She asked me, quite seriously, to never bring it up again.

The following weekend she called to inform me that her brother had received very bad grades and that he had just told her father who hit the roof. Again, she asked me quite sternly to promise to never bring it up. I promised. I have often wondered why my spirit would ever pick this particular brother to visit, especially since I was quite a bit friendlier with her other brother.

Recently my dear friend of 18 years lost a significant other quite suddenly and tragically. I decided this morning, while reading Dr. Ring's book, to break my 18-year promise and discuss my odd encounter with her brother. Perhaps it will provide her with evidence and reason to believe in the consciousness of a person living without a body. I pray that this reiteration of the story gives her great comfort at such a difficult time.


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