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Ceiling Sparkles

I believe this experience is considered a near-death-like experience. I was asleep, but the encounter has elements that are similar to those of a near-death experiencer. In the dream, I remember guarding a little African American girl (I am white) who I knew was going to be a princess in God's kingdom. I was guarding the little girl with someone else and we were standing outside the little girl's room as she slept. I looked into the girl's room to see if she was okay and saw her being attacked by evil spirits. I tried to get the attention of the person who was guarding with me, but he was talking to someone else. I looked in the room again and found the little girl rebuking the spirits in the name of Jesus and they all flew away afraid. As the little girl was telling us what had happened, a bright white light came into the dream. I was completely filled with joy and power. It was the happiest moment of my life times 1,000. It was total ecstasy.

At that moment, I recall waking up to find diamond looking sparkles on my ceiling for about 15 to 30 seconds. Joy was still there despite the sparkles fading. I was shaking from the experience. It was about two in the morning. I didn't know what to do so I went to my roommate to tell him what had happened. I knocked on his door and opened it. Before I could say anything, he was wide-awake in an instant and kind of startled his girlfriend. He had something to tell me.

We went into the living room to sit down and talk. At first I didn't say a word. He described having a dream about me where I was guarding a little girl who was going to become a princess. My roommate's dream was similar to mine with only a few differences. His dream was like a video game screen with me in metal armor. In my dream, I don't remember wearing armor. But, the core of both dreams was the same. We felt eerie and happy about it. I still do not totally understand the dream, but whenever I think about that night I recall the dream as if it were yesterday with all of the associated emotions and feelings.


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