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Light Brighter than the Sun

I had been sick for several days with a major respiratory infection and I couldn't sleep or feel comfortable.  That night I had taken some Advil and a couple Unisom pills to help me sleep. I have experienced out-of-body dreams my whole childhood and teenage years, but by this time they had decreased. I started having the same OBE symptoms as before of numbness, inablity to move, and vibration/loud sounds like a tornado. I knew I was going to have an OBE and I tried desperately to wake up and get out of it but I couldn't.  After hearing the usual loud crack, I was above my body. I could see myself sleeping on the bed. Then all of a sudden I started to fly. I was flying so fast there were streaks of light going by. When I stopped, I noticed I was in a dark tunnel. I knew I had died. There was a figure to the side of me and it told me to not be afraid and that I would be okay. I then saw a great white light at the end of the tunnel and to me this light was God. I don't know how to explain it other than it was brighter than the sun. I didn't want to go and I tried to plant my feet down but then I realized I was hovering; the light drew me in like moths to a flame. Again I was told not to be scared. I am a nervous person as it is and I have anxiety disorders, so it was not easy to be fearless. When I was close to the light I felt warmth and love. It was peaceful and calming. I can't really explain the feeling other than I have never before felt that wonderful! 

I had a review of my life,and it seemed so quick, like a snap of a finger. I then heard a booming voice that said "come." I began to cry and I said no and I pleaded and pleaded.  I said I wasn't ready yet and I begged and pleaded some more. Again I heard, "come, it is time." I cried and said "no, please no, I dont want my mother to find me dead in my bed." After saying that, I began flying and again I saw the streaks of light pass by. I snapped back into my body and it took some time to get all my senses back.

As the shock of this experience set in, I knew my life would never be the same. After pondering the experience for a while, the only way I can describe it is I stood before God; I touched God's face and I told him no. I hope he forgives me. I am truly blessed to be here and see the sun rise and set. I enjoy seeing my mother once again. My life changed so much since. I found my husband with whom I wasn't looking for. I put my trust in God and now I am blessed with a beautiful daughter named Grace.

Thank you again for letting me share my story.  I have had several dreams lately and I knew I had to share it with someone. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

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