In the early morning of February 16, 1998, I had a supernatural experience. I had been drinking for a day and a half and never made it to work. After my drunken stupor, I became conscious and got myself into bed, staring up. The ceiling opened and I found myself enveloped in a white light of great power, but one that was not blinding, as if it had its own form of life.  I felt a colossal, incredible feeling of freedom -- very wide, as if anything on earth was doable and in an effortless manner. It was a limitless freedom. Problems ceased to be problems -- everything was achieveable. I in turn also felt a huge sense of inner peace, free of any disruptions. I have no idea if five minutes or five hours elapsed when I came to a place that did not have a floor, yet it was smooth, a bit dark and somber.    

Fifteen meters from me was a person with his/her back toward me and talking to others behind something like a curtain that did not allow me to see the rest who appeared behind it. I could sense their happiness as they chatted happily. I could sense it, but I could not see it. That person turned in a moment, saw me, and kept doing what he/she was doing. After about 10 or 15 minutes, he/she telepathically told me that I should not be there. At that moment, all ended and I found myself looking at the ceiling of my bedroom within my body.    

Since that moment, I have not had a drink and have been sober now for nine years.