NDE-Like Accounts

Calm and at Peace

I remember going to sleep on a Friday night at around midnight. The next thing I knew I was taken up and I remember seeing a very bright light, 10 times brighter than the sun but very soothing to the eyes. 

I could not see my body but I was just there turning my head from right to left and I was looking into this bright light. It was as if I was there waiting for someone. Then all of a sudden I saw someone standing in front of me to my left. I then looked at him and he smiled at me and I felt such peace and love that I wanted to stay there. I wanted to go toward the bright light but I couldn't. After the person smiled at me I all of a sudden came back to my body but I came back with a hard thud and I remember taking a large breath. It was as if the stress of the world was on my shoulders when I came back with a thud. I honestly thought that I had been dead and that I was returned to my body.

When i came back after the NDE, my bedroom was full of the very bright light that I had seen and I was looking at this light while I was back in my bed. I had a table light next to my bed and I thought that I had left the light on so I reached over to turn it off and I actually had turned it on. Then the bright light disappeared. I just lay there thinking to myself what had happened. I also looked at my clock and it said about 3.30 a.m. I thought I had been there for eternity. There was no sense of time. I felt so calm and at peace and I wanted to return there. It was the place I wanted to be; it was my home.

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