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Thinking Mind - OBE

I found myself detached from my physical body yet my mind was still
thinking. I sensed I was floating or hovering above my sleeping body
and I could see myself in bed. My awareness was of floating near the
ceiling of my room and being able to look around. There was a sensation
of still being attached to my body but only by a thin string. 

Suddenly, and rapidly, my mind was sucked back into my body below. It
felt like being caught in a vacuum and being pulled back into my solid
body. My eyes opened and I found myself "trapped" back in my body and
could no longer float away. I was not frightened, only puzzled. I
remember feeling sad, because I didn't want to stay in my body. There
was an urge to keep floating away. Since then, I have experienced mind
altering states of consciousness and enlightenment. 

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