NDE-Like Accounts

Hovering over my Body

Let me start off by saying this was not an NDE but may be of some interest to you. I really cannot say if this was a dream or not but out of all the dreams I have had this one was remarkable.

I lost my father in 1990. He was in a coma for about three months after a heart attack and never recovered. We were very close and his death was very tramatic for me. I remember laying on the couch at night and the next thing I knew I was out of my body. It was completely dark. I could not see a thing but I knew I was out of my body. I tried to look at my hands but I could see nothing. I tried to put them up real close to what I thought were my eyes but I could not see anything. I kept hearing a faint, firm but kind voice, saying "what are you doing, you're not suppose to be here." I knew I was hovering over my body, parallel to it and only about a foot and a half away. I was in a state of confusion on how I got there. I tried very hard to get back into my body and with each attempt I became more frightened. After many attempts I became very tired and surrendered to the idea that I may be stuck here in the dark forever. As soon as I surrendered I was back in my body. I awoke very shaken but very thankful I made it back in. I'm very curious about this experience. Was it a very weird dream or have others going through grief experienced anything like this.


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